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U.K. Consumers Now Privacy-Aware

U.K. Consumers Now Privacy-AwareUK agencies haven’t had a good record when it comes to keeping data private. Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs lost a pair of discs containing dataon over 25 million people, while the Armed Forces have managed other losses in recent months, enough to shake consumer confidence in the way data is handled by official bodies. A survey from theOffice of the Information Commissioner (ICO) has determined that 88% of people are now checking their bank statements on a more regular basis, while, whereverpossible, 85% of Brits are no longer giving out person details. 53% said they had no confidence in the way banks, local authorities and government departments handled data, and 75% worried about thesafety of their personal information. David Smith, deputy commissioner at the ICO, said,   "As more and more personal information is collected, the risk grows that some information will beinaccurate, out of date or end up in the wrong hands. If organisations fail to recognize the importance of data protection they not only risk losing business, they could also face action from theICO."

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