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UK Customers Pay A Lot More For Adobe CS4

UK Customers Pay A Lot More For Adobe CS4

We know that software can be expensive. And anyone who’s compared prices between Britain and the US knows that the UK is more expensive in, well, virtually everything. But that alone can’t fully explain the pricing discrepancies between the US and the UK for Adobe’s Creative Suite 4.

The new software launched last week in the US at a price of $2499, the same price as CS3. No release date has been announced for the UK yet, but the price has been announced, according to ZDNet. It will retail for £2313.58 – which equates to $4224.46. In other words, it’s definitely not pocket change.

So why are UK users paying such a high premium? No one’s come up with a good reason, and it’s not taxes, because British VAT would actually be added to that selling price. All the versions of CS4 will cost significantly more in the UK.

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