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U.S. VoIP Security Lag

We’ve been told that Voice over Internet Protocol calls (VoIP) like those on Skype, are the future, using broadband to make phone calls. But you wouldn’t know it from the attitude of American business, according to a new study.   In-Stat has released a new survey showing that American business is lagging badly when it comes to security for VoIP. Although over 80% of survey respondents had employed VoIP to some degree, no more than half had taken steps to secure the lines.   Victoria Fodale, In-Stat analyst, said,   “According to an In-Stat survey of US businesses, no mechanisms for securing VoIP had more than 50% penetration across all sizes of business. Proactive measures, including periodic security audits and pre-deployment assessments had low percentages of penetration too, even among the larger organizations.”

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