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Wily Teens Find Pools With Google Earth

Wily Teens Find Pools With Google Earth

It sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. Some teens in Britain are using Google Earth to identify houses in their areas with swimming pools, then arranging illegal, trespassing pool parties there.

It’s happened twice in the last week near Bournemouth in England in a single overnight party. After finding locations, the teens – there appear to be about 16 of them – made their arrangements using Bebo and Facebook social networking sites.

Pools at private houses are quite rare in Britain, given the climate. Householders have returned to find empty beer cans in the pool or been woken by partygoers.

According to Vnunet, the parties are fancy dress and partygoers bring bikes for a fast getaway.

A spokesperson for Devon and Cornwall police said:

"We are advising owners of swimming pools to be on their guard and extra vigilant. We would also warn prospective swimmers that using someone else’s pool is trespassing and therefore illegal."