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Driver smashes through glass-fronted Apple store in Chicago, one injury reported

To the best of our knowledge Apple hasn’t yet opened any drive-thru stores, though that didn’t stop a motorist in Chicago from entering one of its premises in a car on Sunday evening.

A Chicago Tribune report said the incident occurred at Apple’s Lincoln Park store in Chicago at about 6.30pm, adding that one person was treated at the scene for minor injuries. The driver of the car was described as “elderly”.

Apple’s Lincoln Park store before the accident.

Twitter user @RGR3 posted a photo (below) of the scene minutes after the car smashed through the store’s glass front.

According to witnesses, the car reportedly came through the front entrance “and made it about four or five feet inside, where it seemed to turn and rested near display cases holding headphones and other accessories.”

Looking at the carnage, it’s easy to imagine a fair few Apple products bought it. The car’ll probably need a lick of paint, too. Thankfully though, no one appears to have been seriously injured in the accident.

[via The Verge] [Images: top – Chicago Tribune; middle – Apple; bottom – RGR3]