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Nvidia releases new GeForce 334.89 graphics card drivers, download now

Along with releasing a trifecta of new graphics cards that target the mid-range, low-end and high-end markets, Nvidia has also released a new version of its GeForce graphics drivers. Nvidia’s latest driver release brings the version number of their GeForce drivers to 334.89.

The newest version of Nvidia’s GeForce drivers bring about a few changes. For example, PhysX acceleration is available on systems equipped with GeForce 8-series and later GPUs. Multiple new SLI profiles have been created as well. Nvidia is also claiming a performance boost of up to 19 percent in their GeForce¬†400/500/600/700 series graphics cards in certain PC games.¬†Of course, this driver update also brings about support for Nvidia’s three new graphics cards; the high-end Titan Black, mid-range 750 Ti, and low-end 750.

On top of adding new sets of functionality to supported graphics cards, Nvidia also fixed some past issues. For instance, up until the release of driver version 334.89, users whose systems are equipped with dual GeForce GTX 460 cards were unable to see any option in the Nvidia Control Panel to enable SLI mode. That’s been fixed with this new driver update. Also, on systems equipped with GeForce 9600M graphics, some users experienced an issue that prevented them from adjusting the brightness of their monitor. That bug has been squashed as well. On certain systems running three or four Nvidia graphics cards in SLI mode, using the company’s ShadowPlay software caused certain games to crash. That shouldn’t happen any longer if you update your drivers to version 334.89.

You can check out the full list of changes and fixes here.

How to download Nvidia GeForce 334.89 drivers

You can download Nvidia’s newest GeForce drivers simply by clicking here. Doing so will start the download automatically.

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