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Konrad Krawczyk

Konrad Krawczyk

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Konrad covers desktops, laptops, tablets, sports tech and subjects in between for Digital Trends. Prior to joining DT, he wrote for Major League Baseball, Newsweek, Computer Shopper and other publications. When he's not writing or wishing for a Pink Floyd reunion, Konrad is biking, hiking and lamenting the fact that he's a Mets fan. Konrad lives in Queens with his pet bird, Mr. Chicken.

imac with retina display vs dell xps 27 touch

iMac Retina vs. Dell XPS 27 Touch vs. standard iMac: Which all-in-one wins out?

Here is how the new iMac with Retina Display compares with Apple's highest-end non-Retina iMac, along with its closest Windows-based competitor.

Pop-ups in Chrome driving you mad? Here’s how to block them

Here's a simple way to get ads out of the way while you browse the web if you use Google Chrome.
microsoft updates windows 10 technical preview to build 9879 hands on feature

Like your favorite jeans after a wash, Windows 10 feels fresh but familiar

The Windows 10 Technical Preview just went live, and we got to spend some quality time with it. Here's what we think, and what you should know.
hey kids shut racket turn im notification sounds google hangouts new

Hey you kids, shut off that racket: How to turn off IM notification sounds in Google Hangouts

You might not know it, but that sound you hear every time you get a message in Google Hangouts can be turned off. Here's how.
Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro

Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro review

Lenovo T440s fullfront

Lenovo longevity roll call: Which of its laptops boast the best battery life?

These five Lenovo notebooks have the longest lasting batteries.
acer reveals 1080p fanless intel core m switch 12 detachable aspire sw5 271 with keyboard forward win 8

Acer reveals the Switch 12, a fanless 2 in 1 with a sweet detachable keyboard

Acer just announced the third new Switch detachable laptop this year. Learn more about what the Switch 12 offers here.
OS X Yosemite

Take back control of your keystrokes: How to disable autocorrect in OS X Yosemite

Nothing is more annoying than when a computer thinks it knows what you want to type, when it doesn't have the slightest clue. Take the power back from OS X.
dropbox deletion project permanently get rid stuff

Dropbox deletion project: How to permanently get rid of stuff

Deleting stuff in Dropbox isn't exactly straightforward. Here's how to properly do it and clear up some space in your account in the process.
msi switches things gt80 titan worlds first gaming laptop mechanical keyboard

The first laptop with clicky mechanical keys will make everyone at Starbucks hate you

Mechanical keyboards are often preferred by gamers for their increased accuracy, but they haven't been available on gaming laptops. MSI is changing that.
HP Sprout interview

What’s next for the Sprout? From 3D printing to accessories, HP explains

We got to speak with Steve Smith, who is the Director of Research and Development for the team in charge of the Sprout by HP, which was just revealed today.
HP Sprout

Hands on: HP’s Sprout wants to be your 3D creation station

Hp Sprout

A desktop for Dali: Meet HP’s wildly innovative Sprout

The Sprout by HP computer is an amalgamation of different cutting-edge technologies, and could alter the way users make anything.
alienware 13 companys new gaming laptop wouldnt know picking final

You can abduct an Alienware 13 gaming laptop starting October 28

Alienware is back with a brand new gaming laptop, but don't worry. You won't have to struggle to lug this notebook around. Learn more here.
Alienware graphics amplifier

Hands on: Alienware graphics amplifier

Alienware Area-51 2014 edition

Alienware’s Area 51 gaming PC is ready for liftoff, and we got the skinny on its innards

Alienware is prepping the Area 51 for liftoff, and we're here to bring you detailed specs, pricing, and availability information. Learn more here.
aoc usb powered 17 inch monitor designed simple grab go e1759fwu feature

Give your laptop a second screen with this 17-inch, USB-powered travel monitor from AOC

This monitor makes it easy to pack up and lug around a fully fledged display with you. Learn more here.
stream mlb online buster posey

Got a hankering for World Series hardball? This MLB live stream watch guide has you covered

Want to watch and keep track of the 2014 MLB World Series online? We've got you covered with this guide.
macbook air refresh 2016 rumors macbookairbig

Best Buy cuts base model 13-inch MacBook Air by $150 down to $850

Best Buy is offering a big discount on the 13-inch MacBook Air. Learn more here.
HP Envy Spectre XT Review hp logo

HP’s Sprout allegedly melds a PC, projector, a 3D scanner, and could create amazing things

HP is allegedly primed to unleash a computer called Sprout, which combines a PC, with a projector, and a 3D scanner. Learn more here.
microsoft turns on actions center in new win 10 build

Microsoft gives life to the Action Center in the newest Windows 10 build

The first new Windows 10 Technical Preview build since its release has been launched. Learn more about what's new here.
how to change your gmail account password version 1413698423

How to send email using another address from your Gmail account

Check out this brief guide where we show you how to send email from different accounts using Gmail.
27-inch iMac with Retina 5K Display

With 5K resolution, Apple’s new iMac has more pixels than any other display

Apple just showed off the 5K 27-inch iMac with Retina Display to the world for the first time. Learn more about the company's new desktop here.
OS X Yosemite

Mac OS X Yosemite is out and ready for download starting today

Mac OS X Yosemite has just been fully launched by Apple, and is available for download starting today.
kickstarter suspends controversial anonabox router project breaking rules

This router promises to shroud your online activities in secrecy (Updated)

The firm behind the Anonabox router claims that this device will do its best to keep your online activities a secret. Learn more here.
five things we expect to see in new imacs apple imac 2014 front full 1500x1000

Apple iMac wish list: Five features we hope to see in Apple’s new desktops

New iMacs are likely to debut at Apple's October 16 event. Here are some things we want to see in Cupertino's new desktops.
Apple iMac 2014 back

Prepare to greet new Retina display-wearing iMacs at Apple’s October 16 event

Apple may debut Retina iMacs and launch OS X Yosemite at an event on October 16. Learn more here.
fire strike ultra tests graphics cards at 4k resolution firestrike

Fire Strike Ultra lets you test your PC at 4K, even if you don’t have a 4K monitor

Futuremark's new Fire Strike Ultra test will let you know whether your PC can handle 4K content. Learn more here.
kentucky hospital subjected to ransomware hacker keyboard

Russian ‘Sandworm’ hacking squad wriggles their way into Windows PCs used by NATO, EU

A team of hackers based in Russia has exploited a Windows bug to target computers used by NATO, the European Union, and other bodies. Learn more here.
using media center in windows 10 you wont get updates 8 thumb

Pairing Windows Media Center with the Win 10 Tech Preview? You’ll miss out on updates

You will be denied access to updates and builds in the Windows 10 Technical Preview should you choose to install Windows Media Center. Learn more here.
bing launches election prediction news pages elections

Move over Nate Silver, Bing is now firmly in the election prediction business

Bing now features a section completely devoted to the 2014 elections, and it will attempt to predict the outcomes of all the races too. Learn more here.
google chrome gets less popular on desktops while safari firefox and internet explorer gain users 9 640x0

Google’s newest Chrome utility is designed to buff out any blemishes in the browser

This Chrome utility from Google will allegedly scan the browser and purge it of any malware or other harmful software. Learn more here.
Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook dell logo

The ‘dead’ PC market is getting more consumer love these days, according to a research firm

There's positive news to report for the PC market, whose death was predicted by some years ago. Learn more here.
kudos apple making cheaper imac done much better

Apple to broadcast the reveal of its new slates and systems live on its site

Apple will be live streaming its upcoming showcase. Here's what you'll need in order to tune in.