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alienware 13 hands thinner smaller powerful img 1742

Alienware 13 hands on: Thinner, smaller, and more powerful than its ancestors

We went hands-on with the Alienware 13, the next in Alienware's long line of gaming laptops. You can learn more about the system here.
meet synapse ibms new computer chip works like human brain ibm

Meet SyNapse, IBM’s computer chip that can help the blind see, detect diseases, and much more

SyNapse is the next step towards making a CPU that mimics the way a human brain works, brought to you by IBM.
windows 9 will eliminate the 8 charms menu win 1

Windows 9 will eliminate the Windows 8 Charms menu, report says

A report says that Windows 9 will not include the Charms menu that debuted with Windows 8 back in 2012. That's not all, though.
asus reveals crossblade ranger fm2 amd motherboard mobo

Asus’ newest AMD gaming motherboard can pave the way for a pretty affordable rig

Asus' newest gaming motherboard is built specifically for AMD processors. You can learn more about the Asus Crossblade Ranger here.
philips 288p6ljeb 4k monitor 28 inch specs price release date

Philips fires back at Acer with a $600 28-inch 4K monitor of its own

Philips just revealed a super-cheap 28-inch 4K monitor that directly competes with one that Acer recently announced.
how to change your gmail account password version 1413698423

Google adds an unsubscribe button to spam mail in Gmail

Google is making it much easier to un-subscribe from annoying, unwanted email lists. Learn more here.
intel will reveal next era of computing at ifa 2014 devils canyon

Intel will reveal ‘next era of computing’ at IFA 2014

Intel announced that it will be showing off brand new hardware at IFA next month. But what could they have in store?
justin tv shuts asks users switch twitch shuts down, users asked to switch over to is no more as of today. The service has been shut down, and users are being asked to get their streaming fix from instead.
acer reveals b286hk 28 inch 4k monitor specs price release date

This 28-inch 4K Acer monitor only costs a handful of Benjamins

Acer just lifted the veil on a new 4K monitor, which is quite affordable compared to what 4K displays cost less than a year ago.
passenger planes can by hacked using on board wi fi united airlines

Passenger planes can be hacked using on-board Wi-Fi, security researcher says

A security researcher says that passenger aircraft can be hacked into using the wireless Internet connections and entertainment systems on those planes.
comcast tries to scam someone else out of their money but fails

Comcast offering ‘up to’ six months of free Internet service for low income families

Low income families can get up to six months of free Internet service on the house from Comcast. There's more though.
windows 8 1 update 2 arrive next week win start

Windows 8.1 Update 2 could arrive next week

The next update for Windows 8.1 could land as soon as next week, but don't expect any big changes to come with it.
google area 21 hq

Google spots child porn in man’s Gmail account, tips off police

If you have unsavory and/or illegal stuff in your Gmail account, Google just might give the cops a heads up.
Microsoft SURFACE Pro 3 start screen

Core i3 and i7 versions of Surface Pro 3 are on sale now

You can get Intel Core i3 and Core i7 versions of the Surface Pro 3, Microsoft announced.
internet explorer microsoft firefox safari apple google chrome

Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari all have fewer desktop users, but Chrome gained some

The desktop versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari all saw their user base dip last month. Google Chrome gained in popularity though.
windows 8 1 and xp share falls 7 gains users desktop

Windows 8.1 and XP market share falls, while Windows 7 gains users

Windows 8.1 and XP lost users last month, while Windows 7 strengthens its position, which was already dominant in the desktop world.
modbook pro x turns retina macbook tablet paired stylus

Modbook Pro X turns a Retina MacBook Pro into a tablet paired with a stylus

The Modbook Pro X takes MacBook modding to the next level, tablet-izing what's arguably the most recognizable name in the laptop world.
shazam for mac os x hands on apple app store free

Hands-on with Shazam for Mac: It knows what music you’re listening to, for the most part

Shazam, the app that tells you the name of that song whose name you just can't put your finger on, has arrived on Mac OS X. So, we gave it a spin.
badusb hackers can make usb devices turn srlabs blackhat 2014

With BadUSB, hackers can make your USB devices turn against you

BadUSB can make the USB-based gear connected to your computer conspire against you, pointing you to malicious sites, and much more.
meet bleep bittorrents anti nsa chat messaging app bleepscreen

Meet Bleep, BitTorrent’s anti-NSA chat and messaging app

Bleep, which is being developed by BitTorrent, claims that it will keep your online conversations safe and secure from prying, unseen eyes.
maingears spark mini gaming pc make good lol wow dota 2 box maingear

Maingear’s Spark is a mini gaming PC that weighs less than a pound

Maingear announced its latest gaming PC today. It's called the Spark, and it's absolutely tiny. Here's what you need to know.
logitech reveals g402 hyperion fury worlds fastest mouse

Logitech unveils G402 Hyperion Fury, claims it’s the ‘world’s fastest gaming mouse’

Logitech just took the wraps off of the G402 Hyperion Fury, which looks like something a Transformer would use to play PC games with.
microsoft updates onenote mac iphone ipad onedrive for business

Microsoft updates OneNote for Mac, iPhone, and iPad

Microsoft added a bunch of new features to OneNote for Mac and iOS, the company announced today. Find out what they are here.
lsu to begin punishing fining students who pirate stuff piracy bay the

London police fights piracy with blatant, banner ad-like messages

Police in London are placing large, visible messages on websites which encourage piracy in order to persuade users to stop stealing content illegally.
microsoft launches ebay store hq

China conducting anti-monopoly investigation against Microsoft, govt says

The Chinese government is putting Microsoft under the microscope, investigating them for monopolistic behavior.
MacBook Pro 13 2013 front full

Apple boosts MacBook Pro lineup with upgrades to RAM, CPUs

Apple has refreshed its lineup of MacBook Pro laptops, upgrading two key areas across the board, and more.
mozilla ceo open letter windows 10 browser defaults chris beard

Mozilla promotes interim CEO Chris Beard to permanent status

Chris Beard, who assumed the role of Mozilla CEO after the controversial Brendan Eich resigned, has had the interim tag removed from his title.
Apple Yosemite screenshot iPhoto

Yosemite usage rate more than doubles after beta launches, ad network says

According to an Internet ad network firm, OS X Yosemite usage spiked dramatically soon after Apple launched the public beta of their next desktop OS.
Microsoft HQ 2

Chinese government officials visit Microsoft offices without warning

Officials from the Chinese government made an unannounced visit to Microsoft offices, and it's unclear why they made the trip.
toshiba 840t laptop logo zoom

Audio tech firm suing Lenovo, Toshiba, Acer for patent infringement

A manufacturer of various audio technologies are suing three of the biggest PC makers, accusing them of patent infringement.
MacBook Pro 13 2013 front full side

Leaked image suggests Apple could release upgraded MacBook Pro

A leaked Chinese image suggests that Apple could start selling an upgraded version of its MacBook Pro soon.
lsu to begin punishing fining students who pirate stuff piracy bay the

LSU rolls out punishment policy for students who pirate stuff using the school’s network

Louisiana State University will begin to take action against students who swipe stuff from the Internet illegally using the school's network.
wi fi dashboard for win 8 1 tells you if your net is secure wifi dash

WiFi Dashboard for Windows 8.1 will tell you if your connection is secure or not

This Windows 8.1 app will let you know whether your Internet connection is secure, or if you should consider taking steps to make it so.
maingear pulse 15 wears 3k display intel and nvidia hardware specs price open angle facing monitor

Maingear’s new Pulse 15 laptop wears a 3K display to go with Intel and Nvidia hardware

Maingear reveals the Pulse 15, which packs in an impressive amount of hardware. But does it go a little overboard in some areas?