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windows xp usage still going strong despite microsoft ending support hd 2 650x0

Windows XP usage is still going strong, even though Microsoft no longer supports it

Though Microsoft has stopped supporting Windows XP, millions of people are still using it.
internet explorer on the rise chrome and firefox lose steam windows 8 ie 11

Microsoft bails out XP users with unexpected Internet Explorer zero-day flaw patch

Though it wasn't in the cards initially, Microsoft has decided to patch the zero-day flaw in Internet Explorer for Windows XP users after all.
pew 39 percent of web users took steps to protect from heartbleed bleeding heart

Pew: only 39 percent of Internet users took steps to protect themselves from Heartbleed

Many Internet users did not take any measures to protect themselves from the Heartbleed OpenSSL bug, the Pew Research Center found.
americas nuclear arsenal requires floppy disks use secure nukes plus

America’s nuclear arsenal still relies on floppy disks (and it’s intentional)

You might not have touched floppies in ages, but they're still used for plenty of important tasks, like operating parts of our nuclear arsenal.
macbook pro cutting board detail

MacBook Pro used as a benchmark for the design of a…cutting board

This cutting board looks quite like a MacBook Pro, and that's no coincidence.
google area 21 hq

Google will stop mining data from Apps for Education for ad data collection purposes

Google says it will no longer scan Gmail accounts in Apps for Education for ad data mining purposes.
acer aspire e11 v11 e14 e15 notebooks u5 z3 desktops impressions img 0366

Hands-on: Acer’s newest phalanx of laptops and desktops could be hit or miss

We went hands on with Acer's latest notebooks and desktops at the company's global press event, which was held today here in New York City.
macbook air 2013 review lid open angle 2 1500x991

Apple MacBook Air laptop gets a little faster — and a little cheaper

Apple just lifted the curtain on their newest MacBook Air laptops, which got a performance boost as well as a price cut.
amd 2016 roadmap leak apu die shot

AMD has the keys to the Beema…and the Mullins, which are the company’s newest APUs

AMD just took the wraps of a pair of new APUs, code-named Mullins and Beema.
internet explorer on the rise chrome and firefox lose steam windows 8 ie 11

U.S. govt. advises people to use browsers other than IE after zero-day flaw is revealed

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security recommends that you use Web browsers other than Internet Explorer, after a significant security flaw was discovered in IE.
AOL headquarters

AOL announces that some of its user accounts have been compromised

AOL announced today that a notable number of user accounts have fallen prey to "unauthorized access."
macbook air refresh 2016 rumors macbookairbig

Is a MacBook Air refresh coming tomorrow?

Apple will reportedly reveal a refresh of its MacBook Air notebooks as soon as tomorrow.
how to make skype group video call for free on windows mac xbox one thumb 2

How to make a Skype group video call for free

Here's how to make a group video call in Skype, now that the feature is free for many users.
skype group video calls now free windows mac xbox one users thumb

Skype group video calls are now free for Windows, Mac and Xbox One users

Skype group video calls are now free of charge for three major platforms, Microsoft announced today.
lsu to begin punishing fining students who pirate stuff piracy bay the

Dutch politician says that the country’s ban on illegal downloads won’t work

One Dutch politician isn't confident that the nation's ban on downloads of illegal content from less-than-pure sources will work exactly as intended.
hulu is now allegedly preventing virtual private network users from using its site feature

Hulu is blocking VPN users, report alleges

Do you use a VPN? Well you better be ready to ditch it if you're a big fan of Hulu.
two apple airport base stations were vulnerable to heartbleed but have been patched bug

Two Apple AirPort base stations were vulnerable to Heartbleed, but have been patched

Some of Cupertino's networking gear was vulnerable to Heartbleed, but a fix has been released.
visiontek releases 30 msata ssd usb 3 0 case

Got a spare mSATA SSD lying around? This case from VisionTek will let you put it to use again

VisionTek just launched an external case for mSATA SSDs that's powered by USB 3.0.
mexican government backtracks on internet blocking proposal after protests flag

Mexican govt. backtracks on Internet blocking proposal after public protests

People in Mexico took it to the streets, and it seems that the government will not be passing a law that allows them to block the net in some situations.
petition 106000 signatures supporting pirate bays founder delivered danish government minister of justice gottfrid svartholm

Petition with 106K signatures supporting Pirate Bay’s founder delivered to Danish government

A petition drafted in support of Pirate Bay's founder has been delivered to the Danish government, and addresses his living conditions in prison.
microsofts bing in the classroom launches filters out ads and adult content laptop

Microsoft’s Bing in the Classroom launches, filters out ads and adult content

Microsoft's ad-free version of Bing takes flight, and is now available for use with all schools here in the states.
Akamai China DDoS Attacks

43 percent of DDoS hacking attacks in Q4 2013 came from China, Akamai report says

A huge chunk of Denial of Service attacks originated from one country towards the tail end of last year.
pirate bay pulls anchors sets sail sweden the

Pirate Bay reaches 10 million torrent upload mark

Like it or not, the Pirate Bay is here to stay, if this figure is any indication.
financial firms and organizations were hit hard by hackers in 2013 says verizon report hacker feature

Financial organizations were hit hard by hackers in 2013, says Verizon report

A report published by Verizon indicates that financial firms were prominently targeted by hackers last year.
AOL headquarters

AOL Mail has been hacked, don’t open that iffy-looking email you got from an AOL account

Have you gotten any odd-looking emails from AOL accounts? You might not want to open them.
start menu return windows update fall says russian leaker 8 1 970x0

Start menu to return to Windows 8.1 in an update this fall, says Russian leaker

Microsoft isn't done updating Windows 8.1 this year yet, a notorious Russian leaker says.
microsoft improves bings ability to improve understand natural conversation in search bing

Microsoft to use Bing search data to predict outcomes of reality shows

Bing will collect search and social data, and attempt to use it to forecast the results of reality TV shows.
avg integrates a heartbleed scanner into its free web tuneup security tool bleeding heart 2

AVG integrates a Heartbleed scanner into its free Web TuneUp security tool

AVG has baked a Heartbleed scanner into its Web TuneUp browsing security app.
sites plugged heartbleed thousands havent says security firm bleeding heart

Some sites have plugged Heartbleed, but thousands haven’t, says security firm

Though many websites have reportedly patched the Heartbleed problem, thousands of others can still be exploited according to one security firm.
netcraft heartbleed browser extension google chrome opera firefox 34

This addon for Chrome, Firefox and Opera will tell you if a site is vulnerable to Heartbleed

Netcraft isn't the first browser extension to help users guard against the threat posed by Heartbleed, but it is compatible with multiple Web browsers.
canadian teen charged using heartbleed steal taxpayer information bleeding heart 2

Canadian teen arrested for using the Heartbleed bug to steal taxpayer information

A 19-year-old Ontario resident was arrested for stealing taxpayer information, and reportedly used the Heartbleed flaw to do so.
Man makes fun of Heartbleed

Man makes fun of Heartbleed, posts passwords online, gets ‘hacked’

A man posted his account passwords online for all the world to see, and his accounts gets compromised not long after. Surprised? Neither were we.
microsoft releases office online apps googles chrome web store os

Microsoft releases Office Online Apps on Google’s Chrome Web Store

Microsoft released its Office Online Apps to the Google Chrome Web Store as well.
heartbleed fema gives universities boatloads cash cybersecurity research  41224 president obama visits headquarters

After Heartbleed, FEMA gives universities boatloads of cash for cybersecurity research

FEMA is enlisting the help of U.S. universities as part of an overall effort to combat cyber threats.