MacBook Pro used as a benchmark for the design of a…cutting board

cutting board design patterned after apple macbook pro laptop

The MacBook Pro has no doubt inspired many to create all sorts of art, from videos, to illustrations, to much more. However, this is the first time we’ve seen Apple’s flagship laptop inspire an outfit to create something that’s meant for use in the kitchen.

That’s right, we said the kitchen.

Check out the Apple Wood Cutting Board, which, as you can see from the photo above, takes design cues straight from the MacBook Pro, right down to the gap between the display and the base when the laptop’s lid is closed. It even wears half of Apple’s logo on top. We assume that only half appears in order to avoid any legal tangles with Cupertino.

macbook pro cutting board detailThe cutting board is sold on, and made by a user named “hankejh.” The board is, as its name implies, made of apple wood, and is described as “the perfect addition to your modern kitchen.” Maybe so, if you’re an Apple devotee who spends a lot of time cooking and cutting stuff up.

One of the criticisms commonly lobbed at Apple centers around the price of its products, and though the Apple Wood Cutting Board isn’t made by the tech giant, it’s sure priced at a point which suggests it is. You’ll need to shell out $110 to get your hands on an Apple Wood Cutting Board.

We can’t help but wonder whether “hankejh” will put out more home-centric stuff that takes after Apple’s tech.

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