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check googles chromebox chromebook end life fact sheet

Toshiba releases $280 13-inch Intel-powered Chromebook

Toshiba just entered the Chromebook arena with its own 13-inch model.
google discloses another windows security bug fix out soon 8 1 review

Windows 8.1 Update 1 release date now set for April 8?

The first big update for Windows 8.1 could come after Microsoft's Build conference.
north korea upgrades to copycat mac os x red star 140130 redstar background

North Korea ‘upgrades’ to copycat version of Mac OS X

Does the image at the top look like an OS that you're likely familiar with? Well, it should.
firefox classic theme restorer add negates version 29 features

Mozilla integrates Delicious, Saavn into Firefox

Two new browser extensions have been added to Firefox.

Would Apple have released a Sony notebook running OS X under Steve Jobs?

A former Sony exec says that there were plans to green-light a Sony notebook running OS X.
how to boot back into os x from windows camp mavericks mac logo

Apple releases workaround for OS X Mavericks mail retrieval problem

Some have reported problems with receiving emails when using the Mail app in Mavericks. Apple published its own method for getting around the problem.
new microsoft ceo satya nadella hold webcast today 3 p m et 2

New Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella to hold webcast today at 3 p.m. ET

Satya Nadella will hold his first webcast as Microsoft's CEO today at 3 p.m. ET. You can watch it here.
satya nadella hired as new microsoft ceo

Satya Nadella gets the top job at Microsoft

The wait is over. Microsoft has its new CEO, elevating Satya Nadella to the top post within the company.
asus reveals chromebox chrome os desktop 179 march release date frontangles

Snag a Chrome-OS-powered Asus Chromebox for $179 this March

Get a load of this small form factor Chrome OS desktop from Asus.
look futuristic toaster router pc asus

Look, it’s a futuristic toaster, it’s a router, no! It’s a PC from Asus!

Need a pint sized PC to handle basic tasks? You might wanna check this out then.
firefox classic theme restorer add negates version 29 features

Mozilla testing account logins for Firefox

Mozilla is ditching Firefox Sync for a login-based data sharing method.
new mac pro wont run windows 7 boot camp macpro 01260

Apple still celebrating Mac birthday, uses itself to pay tribute to … itself

A week and a half later, Apple is still celebrating the Mac's 30th.
Dell Inspiron 14 7000 front windows 8

Windows 8.1 marketshare rises, but can’t sniff XP or Windows 7 levels

We figured this would happen pretty soon, but 8.1 has a long way to go to match Windows XP and Windows 7.
Windows 8.1

Upcoming Windows 8.1 update leaked to file-sharing sites, according to multiple reports

A new feature set reportedly takes the focus off the Modern/Metro tiled UI.
Acer Aspire R7 tablet 1

Will the upcoming Windows 8.1 update boot straight to the desktop?

The upcoming Win 8.1 update could bypass the Modern/Metro UI automatically when you boot up.
how to block pop up ads opera browser extension download bigpreview

Do you use Opera? Block pop up ads with this browser extension

Here's how to snag an excellent pop up blocker for Opera.
Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 marketshare set to surge past … Windows Vista

Windows 8.1's marketshare is set to leapfrog a certain, widely disliked version of Windows.
pirate bay pulls anchors sets sail sweden the

Dutch Pirate Bay court decision could impact proxy site

Pirate Bay is no longer banned in the Netherlands, but a proxy site still is. That could change as well though.
AMD Radeon R290X

AMD Catalyst 14.1 drivers coming soon, Mantle update live now

New AMD Catalyst drivers are on the way, while the latest Mantle update has been pushed live.
cyberpower summons new zeus line small form factor desktop pcs

CyberPower summons new Zeus Mini line of small form factor desktop PCs

Small form factor PCs are so "in" this year. Want proof? CyberPower just added a new line of them.
gammatech reveals rugged looking s15h 15 6 inch notebook front

GammaTech reveals rugged looking S15H 15.6-inch notebook

This notebook looks like it can take quite a beating.
unauthorized versions filezilla steal data circulation thief

An unauthorized, data-stealing version of FileZilla is in circulation on the ‘net

A blighted version of FileZilla is spreading through the 'net as we speak, so be on alert.
pirate bay ban lifted do

Dutch court rules man who uploaded 5,000 ebooks to Pirate Bay can’t be prosecuted

A Dutch court ruled that a man who uploaded thousands of ebooks to Pirate Bay cannot be prosecuted.
100mbps internet widely available in us isp choice limited speed tests header  1

Internet connection speeds are rising globally

Internet connection speeds are on the rise globally, the latest stats say.
barack obama personal twitter account news cell phone facebook

How to watch tonight’s State of the Union address on your PC or Mac

Here we listed a bunch of places where you can watch tonight's State of the Union address.
apple reveals new imac for 1099 200 cheaper core i5 21 5 inch 27 2013

Apple’s Mac sales spiked 19 percent last quarter thanks to iMac, MacBook Air

Mac is a big part of Apple's business, and business is good!
MacBook Pro 13 2013 front full

Apple awarded patent for solar powered, dual display MacBook

A future Apple MacBook could sport two displays and be powered by the sun.
pirate bay pulls anchors sets sail sweden the

Pirate Bay to set sail in Netherlands again after court lifts ban on site for two ISPs

A court ruling in the Netherlands concludes that two Dutch ISPs are no longer mandated to block Pirate Bay.
MacBook Pro 13 2013 front full side

2014 MacBook Air to include 12-Inch Retina display?

One analyst speculates about what the 2014 version of the MacBook air could include.
Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 update set for March 11?

The new, upcoming, and first significant Windows 8.1 update could be released in roughly a month and a half.
onedrive will work windows 10 version 1422244858 microsoft

Microsoft renames SkyDrive to OneDrive

Microsoft SkyDrive, Redmond's cloud storage service, now has a new name.
pirate bay ban lifted do

More than a third of Pirate Bay uploads are porn

You may think Pirate Bay consists mostly of music and/or games. Well, you'd be wrong on both counts.
1984 mac desktop computer 128k specs cpu ram photo

How’s this for some perspective? Check out the specs for the 1984 128k Mac desktop

Ever wondered what the specs of the original 1984 Mac were?
apple celebrates mac 30th birthday

Apple celebrates, pays tribute to the Mac’s 30th on its homepage

Get a load of Apple's homepage today, and you might learn something about the Mac's history.