GammaTech reveals rugged looking S15H 15.6-inch notebook

gammatech reveals rugged looking s15h 15 6 inch notebook front

Let’s face it, most tech is fragile. When you drop hundreds or thousands on a new notebook or desktop computer, you’re paying for the power of the parts as well as the quality of the materials used to encase those components in an attractive looking cage. Rarely does such gear also come with the added perk of durability, which makes accidents like spills, drops and more potentially damaging, if not fatal, to your tech.

Not GammaTech’s Durabook S15H notebook though. GammaTech, which specializes in making durable notebook PCs, just took the wraps off the Durabook S15H. Wrapped in a shell made of magnesium alloy, the S15H is designed to withstand drops, liquid spills and more.

Under the hood, the S15H is powered by an Intel Core i-class Haswell processor, up to 16GB of RAM via a pair of DIMM slots as well as a tray-loading DVD burner. It’ll also wear a 15.6-inch 1080p LED screen. The S15H’s specs link on the official GammaTech site currently doesn’t link to anything, so it’s unclear whether storage will come in the form of SSDs, mechanical hard drives, a melding of the two, or configurable options. Ditto for the GPU. Whether GammaTech will offer a dedicated graphics card with the S15H or will opt to let users get by on integrated graphics remains to be seen.

Though an exact price has yet to be revealed for the Durabook S15H, it is expected to hit the market sometime during the first quarter of this year.

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