Would Apple have released a Sony notebook running OS X under Steve Jobs?

Sony Vaio Pro 13 VAIO logo

If it weren’t for issues related to timing, we might have seen a collaboration between Apple and Sony that would’ve resulted in the release of a Sony notebook running Mac OS X.

According to an interview conducted with former Sony president Kunitake Ando back in 2011, Apple and Sony discussed plans to join forces and release a Sony VAIO notebook loaded with Apple’s desktop operating system. Ando said that he was approached by former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, along with another Cupertino executive, who presented him with a VAIO notebook running OS X while attending a golfing event held in Hawaii in 2001.

Such meetings between top-level executives in the tech world weren’t exactly uncommon though. Here’s what Ando had to say about the relationship between multiple tech firms during his time in the field.

“Back in our time, the top executives always talked directly to each other. Sony executives had that in their culture. For example, when we have decided to launch a new PC products which later becomes VAIO, we called and visited Bill Gates (of Microsoft) , Andy Grove (of Intel) and Apple’s headquarter in Cupertino and talked” Ando said.

Aside from timing issues, another reason the OS X powered Sony VAIO notebook never saw the light of day might have to do with the notion that current CEO Howard Stringer had no desire or interest in maintaining the relationship between Sony and Apple held together by Ando and Jobs.

It no doubt would’ve been fascinating to see what Apple and Sony would’ve come up with had a VAIO notebook built with Apple’s blessing and cooperation ever hit the market.

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