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apple engineer says os x ios will merge mavericks review

Apple engineer says OS X and iOS will not merge

Apple's mobile and desktop operating systems will not be joined at the hip anytime soon.
alienware steam machine can upgraded wont easy pie

Alienware Steam Machine can be upgraded, but doing so won’t be easy

You'll be able to upgrade the Alienware Steam Machine after all.
new mac pro wont run windows 7 boot camp macpro 01260

New Pixelmator update aims to take advantage of the new Mac Pro’s hardware

The newest version of Pixelmator is optimized to take advantage of the hardware found in the Mac Pro.
google discloses another windows security bug fix out soon 8 1 review

With Windows 9 on the way, businesses waiting out Win 8 opt for Win 7

Some experts say that there's businesses will skip Windows 8 and wait for Windows 9 to upgrade.
steath com reveals small form factor fanless silent pc order now stealth sff

Go stealthy with this fanless small form factor PC, but it’ll cost you

This PC maker's new rig is tiny, ditches fans and claims to run totally silent.
ocz vertex 460 ssds available pre order now

OCZ Vertex 460 SSDs available for pre-order now

Well that was fast. OCZ is offering new SSDs for pre-order on the same day that Toshiba completed its acquisition of the firm.
awkward moment occurs between bill gates jimmy fallon and jimmys macbook watch the video here

Awkward moment occurs between Bill Gates, Jimmy Fallon, and a MacBook

Jimmy was a bit uncomfortable at one point during his sit-down with tech legend Bill Gates.
sony hackers still unidentified hunt seems mission impossible hacking

Big (Internet) trouble in big China

Internet access in China took a big hit, through the exact cause of the problem is still unknown.
MacBook Pro 13 2013 front full side

Future MacBooks could have trackpads without buttons

The MacBook's trackpad could see some significant changes down the line.
new windows 8 1 update screenshots leaked installwindows8 2

New Windows 8.1 update screenshots leaked?

A Russian site leaked alleged screenshots of an upcoming Windows 8.1 update.
nvidia to release geforce titan 790 graphics cards dual gpu gtx 780ti 3

Nvidia to release two more powerhouse graphics cards soon

Nvidia will release two more supercharged graphics cards in the coming months.
toshiba acquires ocz maker of ssds storage sales sale acquire acquisition agility2 new angle

Toshiba snags SSD maker OCZ

Toshiba just got its hands on an SSD manufacturer, which it intends to keep intact for the time being.
hitachi hard drives reliable says backblaze travelstar 5k750 01

Hitachi hard drives are the most reliable, says BackBlaze

Concerned about hard drive failures? You might want to think about getting a Hitachi hard drive then.
google discloses another windows security bug fix out soon 8 1 review

Microsoft releases a Windows 8.1 how to PDF manual

Microsoft put out this guide to help you get familiar with Windows 8.1.
yahoo beats google facebook twitter unique desktop visitors december marissamayer

Yahoo beat Google, Facebook, Twitter for desktop Web traffic in December

Yahoo tops the list for most unique desktop visitors in December.
firefox classic theme restorer add negates version 29 features

Firefox add-ons ‘more difficult’ to hijack, Mozilla claims. But are they?

Mozilla has talked a good game about the relative safety of their add-ons from hijackers. But Firefox isn't entirely immune either.
123456 remains the worlds most used and worst password

‘123456’ assumes the ‘worst password of 2013’ throne

People continue to suck at picking passwords, plain and simple.
new surface pro 2 firmware actually fixing problems

Is the new Surface Pro 2 firmware actually fixing problems?

Microsoft has finally released a new firmware update for the Surface Pro 2. But does it fix the problems caused by the December update?
new mac pro wont run windows 7 boot camp macpro 01260

Apple’s Mac Pro ship dates pushed back to March in U.S., Europe, more

Not again! Mac Pro ship date pushed back to March for some places.
cybercriminals use sms to extract cash from atms atm windows xp

95 percent of the world’s ATMs run Windows XP (gulp)

Most ATMs run a pretty ancient OS that you're probably familiar with, and it could pose a huge problem soon.
windows 7 still dominates the desktop os market with a 60 percent majority hp laptop

HP says Windows 7 is ‘Back by popular demand,’ gives Windows 8 the back seat

Windows 7 and even Android systems are featured more prominently than Windows 8 machines. Oy.
reader poll buy apple mac pro pc equivalent lenovovsmacpro

Reader poll: would you buy an Apple Mac Pro or a PC equivalent?

We wonder whether you'd prefer Apple's newest workstation-class desktop, or a PC-based option.
suddenly bunch early 2011 macbook pro owners running video problems 17 g1 650x0

A bunch of early 2011 MacBook Pro owners are running into video and heating problems

A large sect of early 2011 MacBook Pro owners have been running into big problems with their notebook's display.
Acer Aspire R7 lid reverse 1

Acer takes a loss in Q4 as execs accept slash in pay

It's hard times at Acer, with dips in shipments and loss of market share. It reports a huge loss in Q4 2013, and execs accepted pay cuts.
eurocoms reveals armadillo waddles 14 inch ultrabook 2

Eurocom reveals Armadillo 14-inch Core i7 sub-$1,000 Ultrabook

Get a load of Eurocom's Armadillo Ultrabook, whose price tag hovers just under four digits.
microsoft details final windows xp office 2003 security updates hd wallpapers 2013 1

Microsoft blinks, extends anti-malware support for Windows XP

Microsoft will be helping to boost security for Windows XP past April after all.
Microsoft CES Booth

Microsoft employee email accounts hacked by Syrian Electronic Army

Microsoft says that the Syrian Electronic Army penetrated their internal emails.
sharp supersizes 15 6 inch windows slate tablet

Sharp supersizes with 15.6-inch Windows 8 slate

Seven-inch tablets? Bah. Sharp scoffs at that notion and takes the wraps off a 15.6-inch Win 8 slate.
symantic torrent bit sites malware viruses patent security virus

Symantec aims to make torrent sites safer from malware

Security firm Symantec is attempting to make it safer to traverse through torrent sites.
google adds activity stream drive image2

Google adds activity stream to Drive

Google will be rolling out a new feature for Drive over the next week.
nzxts h440 case ditches 5 25 inch drive bays altogether wt fan

NZXT’s H440 case ditches 5.25-inch drive bays altogether

NZXT's newest case doesn't include any 5.25-inch drive bays. No, really!
npd claims chromebook sales surge wheres chrome os usage beef hp 11 thumb

Verizon LTE-powered HP Chromebook 11 revealed, retails for $379

Check out HP's and Google's latest Chromebook, which now includes LTE.

The llama lives: AOL reportedly completes sale of Winamp, Shoutcast to Radionomy

Winamp lives on! AOL has completed the sales of its media player with Radionomy.
washington post hacked chinese origin suspected hacker

Researchers find best time for hackers to strike

Two University of Michigan researchers took a look at multiple hacking variables.