Is the new Surface Pro 2 firmware actually fixing problems?

new surface pro 2 firmware actually fixing problems

By now, we are more than well aware about the iffy firmware update that Microsoft released last month for its Surface Pro 2. Long story short: Microsoft put out some tainted Surface Pro 2 firmware, which, when installed, created issues with how the device behaves when put in sleep mode, and also decreases its battery life significantly in multiple instances, among other issues. 

After we reported a few weeks ago that a Microsoft forum poster was given a January 14 release date for the new firmware, it turns out they were just a few days off. Microsoft began to roll out the new Surface Pro 2 firmware on January 18.

So, what are the returns on the new Surface Pro 2 firmware? Considering that the December update caused a bunch of problems, it would be unwise to assume that the new firmware would right the wrongs caused by Microsoft’s previous release last month. We took to the official Microsoft forums to see what Surface Pro 2 owners were saying about the new firmware.

Here’s what “BCVHOG” had to say about his/her experience with the new Surface Pro 2 firmware: “It did fix the sleep issues with my 128gb surface.” Another user, “lowellmauer,” chimed in with this bit: “I can also confirm that the 1/18/14 update fixed most of the issues. My 128GB Pro2 no longer turns itself on. I had it in sleep mode starting at 100 percent battery and it lasted almost 2 days, with some minor usage.”

Many of the complaints have more to do with Microsoft’s rollout of the update, and impatience on the part of the user. Not that we blame them after everything that has gone down though. “Pro2UPNY” said: “I’m in Upstate NY – no update here yet. When (and if) it shows up, I will be waiting to install until more people share their experience with it.” User “Iria” responded: “Me either.  And last night I blew it and forgot to hibernate and ended up with with a hot pro 2 this morning. Hurry up [Microsoft].”

Based on our early observations of Surface Pro 2 owners and their reported experiences with the new firmware update, it seems as if it’s doing what the previous update was supposed to do: work. However, slow roll-outs of software updates are a common strategy employed by tech companies, so any Surface Pro 2 owners using a device tainted by the December firmware should just hold tight knowing that help is on the way.
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