Surface Pro 2 firmware update release date: January 14?

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At this point, we’re well aware of the issues that some Surface Pro 2 owners have been suffering from as a result of some iffy firmware that Microsoft released roughly a month ago. Long story short: Microsoft put out some tainted Surface Pro 2 firmware, which, when installed, created issues with how the device behaves when put in sleep mode, and also decreases its battery life significantly in multiple instances, among other issues. However, if one post on the official Microsoft forums is accurate, there appears to finally be some light at the end of the tunnel for SP2 owners affected by the iffy update.

One Microsoft forum poster by the name of “Jackabite” posted on this thread earlier today, recalling some interesting information they received when speaking with Microsoft tech support.

“Just got off a call with Surface support team and they confirmed that the new firmware will be released January 14th,” wrote Jackabite. “Interesting the support team have been told by Microsoft that the botched December firmware only affected 3 in 1000 devices, needless to say I nearly fell off my chair when they said that!”

The “3 in 1000” detail is certainly debatable, but that’s another issue altogether. Assuming that the January 14 release date for new Surface Pro 2 firmware is accurate, it’ll be interesting to see whether the software will alleviate any and all of the issues associated with the flawed firmware released by Microsoft roughly a month ago.

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