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Nokia at MWC 2012 - CEO Stephen Elop

Microsoft CEO candidate Elop could bring big changes if hired

Big changes could come to Microsoft if they hire Stephen Elop as their new CEO.
gmail mac mail os x mavericks problems apple

Better now? Apple releases fix to address Mavericks Mail and Gmail bugs

Finally, Apple has released a fix to address the problems between Mavericks Mail and Gmail.
ge cold spray metal

In the future, you might fix metal objects by spraying metal on them at speeds of Mach 4

Think having Netflix means we're living in the future? GE's cold spray tech can repair damaged metal by simply spraying more metal on damaged parts.
worlds first 3 d printed metal gun 3d low res press photo 1024x638

Look what I built, Ma! Texas firm makes world’s first 3D-printed metal gun

3D printers that can make guns? That's not news. 3D printers that can make metal guns? That is.
youtube to help ad makers make ads

How to download Youtube videos with Firefox, Chrome and other browser add-ons

Want to watch YouTube videos anywhere? There's an even easier way to download Youtube videos than by using dedicated programs to do so.
internet archive wayback machine fire reading room

Internet Archive’s office catches fire, but Wayback Machine escapes unharmed

The Internet Archive, a non-profit that saves and stores webpages from the past, has suffered fire damage at one of its facilities.
lenovo laptop flex 15 orange edge side angles

So the PC is dying, eh? Tell that to Lenovo

We've been hearing about the PC's death march for a few years now, but don't tell that to Chinese PC maker Lenovo. Their PC sales jumped last quarter.
new office 365 update skydrive skype 20gb microsoft logo

How do you like the new office? Microsoft Office 365, SkyDrive get updates

The new Office 365 update comes with a few new features, which you can read about here.
anonymous end anything november 5th eh anon

So, did Anonymous cause any mischief on November 5th?

Anonymous has a history of raising hell on November 5th. So did they end up doing anything yesterday?
parent on keyboard

Microsoft warns of hacks against multiple Windows, Office versions

Microsoft issued a warning today, cautioning owners of certain versions of Windows and Office that they could be vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Will Anonymous do something big today? After all, it’s November 5th…

Today is November 5, a date significant to Anonymous, the mysterious hacker-activist group. Will they pull off something big today?
google releases helpouts how to

How to sign up to be a Google Helpouts teacher

Want to teach people how to do stuff? Google launched Google Helpouts today, which connects experts with knowledge seekers. Here's how you can sign up.
mavericks deletes external hard drive data mav final

OS X wipeout! Upgrading to Mavericks can delete your external hard drive’s data

If you're running Mavericks, you should keep your external hard drives away from your machine. Read on to find out why.
MacBook Pro 13 2013 keyboard angle

Mavericks updates, hooray! … But will they help keep OS X bugs away?

Apple is reportedly developing multiple updates for Mavericks apps, including Mail, Safari and more.
four alleged images of mac os x 10 leak prior to wwdc 2014 mavericks macbook

My OS X has fallen, and it can’t get up! How to fix common Mavericks problems

Here's how to fix a slew of Mac OS X Mavericks problems that users of the new OS have been coming across.
MacBook Pro 13 2013 back angle

Rotten Apple? New 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro owners report multiple problems

Got a new 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina? Have you had any problems with it? You're not the only one.
western digital helium hard drives netflix wd drive

New Helium-filled hard drives may speed up Netflix

Western Digital has announced that the world's first helium-infused hard drives are shipping.
obamacare google oracle obama administration websites exchanges sebelius

Here come the big guns: Google, Oracle, and Red Hat to the rescue of

The Obama administration hopes to give the ailing Obamacare internet exchange sites a big boost by enlisting the help of major technology firms
singapore anonymous hacked straits times anon

Will Anonymous’ November 5th target be a Singaporean newspaper?

A hacker claiming to be affiliated with Anonymous has hacked a newspaper based in Singapore.
pandora released google chromecast stream music now

Pandora released for Google Chromecast, stream music now

Pandora has announced that its service will be available for use with Google Chromecast starting today.
play i robots kids fundraising goal 250k

Crowdfunded Play-i programmable robots reaches fundraising goal

Play-i, the maker of programmable robots aimed at kids, has reached its fundraising goal.
google celebrates halloween witch

Google gets its homepage into the Halloween spirit

Google is in the Halloween spirit. Check out their homepage and you'll see what we mean.
hyperloop travel concept elon musk passenger transport capsule

Company says that Hyperloop tube-based travel is no pipe dream

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Inc. is saying that Hyperloop is far from a pipe dream.
how to fix dell cat urine pee piss smell 6430u

Dell says 6430u cat urine smell due to stinky palm rest assembly, offers fix

Dell has finally offered a fix for 6430u owners whose machines smell like cat urine.
use maps mavericks send directions iphone ipad ios

How to use Maps in Mavericks to send directions to your iPhone or iPad

You can use Mavericks to send directions from your MacBook or Mac desktop to your iPhone or iPad. It's not that hard to do either. We'll show you how.
dell 6430u laptops ship windows 8 intel hardware smell cat piss grumpy confused

Not so factory fresh: Some new Dell laptops smell like cat urine

PC problems aren't unheard of, from viruses to malware to components that just plain die. However, today we learned of a brand new complaint.
apple releases workaround os x mavericks mail retrieval problem mac osx

OS X Mavericks usage spikes past 10 percent across US and Canada

Apple's new OS X Mavericks is experiencing a trend of increased adoption, according to one firm.
asian touchscreen notebook survey win 8 2

Good news, Microsoft! Asian consumers love touchscreen PCs

According to one survey, Asian consumers are big fans of touch notebooks.
download amazon cloud player os x mavericks free today

Tap into your Amazon library on OS X with Amazon Cloud Player starting today

Amazon Cloud Player is now available for Mac OS X starting today. It's also a free download, so there's no reason you shouldn't snag the player now.
microsoft headquarters

Microsoft warns Windows XP stragglers: The end is nigh, malware cometh

Still using Windows XP? Microsoft says that you have plenty of reasons to be concerned about malware and other security threats.
startup playi robot program engineering kids play i

Play-i aims to make programming, robots, and engineering fun for children

Start-up Play-i aims to make engineering, robotics and programming fun and engaging for kids as young as five years old.
Dell Alienware X51 Gaming Desktop review Alienware logo

Trade-in your old game console and get an Alienware gaming PC for $499

Remember Cash for Clunkers? Alienware currently has a similar program of its own, specifically for gamers.
gmail mac mail os x mavericks problems apple

Dude, where’s my mail? Mac Mail misbehaves with Gmail in Mavericks

Significant problems are being reported when using Gmail with Mac Mail in Mac OS X Mavericks.
apple engineer says os x ios will merge mavericks review

Soldier on, Mavericks: How to fix OS X Mavericks install problems

Got Mavericks install problems? Perhaps these tips can help you with your troubles.