Trade-in your old game console and get an Alienware gaming PC for $499

Dell Alienware X51 Gaming Desktop review bottom angle 2

A few years back, the U.S. government’s so-called “cash for clunkers” program let drivers trade in their old cars in exchange for cash toward more energy-efficient vehicles. Whether the program actually delivered what it promised is a matter for debate on another forum, but gaming PC maker Alienware must have liked the plan, because it’s following suit with a similar incentive-based program.

Alienware is currently accepting old video game consoles and aged PCs in exchange for $200 towards a new Alienware laptop or desktop. You can trade in the Nintendo Wii as well as varying versions of the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 to get the credit. Alienware also accepts used desktops and laptops, but regardless of what you’re trading in, there is some fine print.

If you’re planning to dump your desktop PC on Alienware, it had better have an Intel Core i processor of some kind to be eligible. However, you can trade in desktops made by various companies, ranging from household names like Dell and Apple to obscure ones like Packard Bell and Advent. Laptop trades must be Alienware-branded, but you have more flexibility to work with in terms of processors (for instance, notebooks with Intel Core 2 Duo CPUs are fair game). You’ll also need the receipt of your new Alienware purchase, as well as the power adapter for whatever old gear you’re trading in, and it needs to be in working condition.

Alienware desktops start at $699, while the intro price for their notebooks is $1,099. You can check out our review of the Alienware X51 desktop here.