Google gets its homepage into the Halloween spirit

google celebrates halloween witch

Google is clearly in the Halloween spirit, if their homepage is any indication. Today’s festive Google Doodle might be the coolest thing Google they’ve ever done to celebrate a holiday, not that this is the first time they’ve ever done such a thing.

If you just head over to Google’s home page, you’ll find something different about the space right above the search dialog box in the middle of the screen. The standard Google logo is replaced with an animated witch, crooked nose with wart and all, reading from a tome entitled “Google.” When you press the Play button on the animation, an eerie chime sounds, and the witch goes from reading the tome to stirring a cauldron filled with a mysterious, bubbling green substance, complete with kooky bubbling noises and ambiance.

From here, you get to add stuff to the witch’s brew. You can toss in a bone, a skull, an apple, or what appears to be a blue potion of some sort. Depending on the combination of items you toss into the witch’s cauldron, the scene will shift again. We don’t want to spoil anything for you, but it’s pretty freaking neat.

Like we said, Google has a history of acknowledging major holidays on its homepage, but this could be one of the coolest things they’ve done to ever tip their hat to any particular day of note. So before you get ready to take your kid trick-or-treating or masquerade as a kid and go yourself, pop onto Google’s homepage and check out what they’ve done. You won’t be disappointed.

Oh, and Happy Halloween!