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AMD A Series

AMD releases Kaveri A-Series APUs equipped with Radeon R7 graphics

A trio of new AMD APUs will hit the market very soon.
pirate bay founder given access books prison gottfrid svartholm

Pirate Bay founder given access to his books, PlayStation 2 in prison

Life just got a little better behind bars for Pirate Bay's founder.
Asus Transformer Book Trio

Want Android to go with your Windows? 3 ways mobile and PC tech merged at CES 2014

convertible laptop makers uneasy 2014 prospects lenovo yoga 2 pro press image

Lenovo and Dell PC shipments actually rose in Q4 2013 over Q4 2012

Well, what do you know? Lenovo and Dell shipped more PCs in Q4 than they did in the same period a year earlier.
new mac pro wont run windows 7 boot camp macpro 01260

First Mac Pro deliveries start arriving in the old world

Apple's Mac Pro is starting to see European shores again.
Acer Aspire R7 tablet 1

Acer blames its decline on Ultrabook, touch panel investments

Acer named a new CEO last month, and today he opined on what he felt the firm's biggest mistakes have been in the PC space.
hands viewsonic vx2876iml on

Hands on: Viewsonic VX2876iml

dell drops 28 inch 4k monitor ces 2014 700

Dell drops 28-inch 4k monitor at CES 2014 for $700

Think you got everything to make your man cave whole? How about a 4k monitor for way under $1,000?
aorus x7 set benchmarks lap ablaze

The Aorus X7 could set benchmarks, and your lap, ablaze

Aorus has revealed the X7, which it claims is the thinnest and lightest SLI laptop out there.
asus powers offering wireless charging ups m70 desktop

Asus M70 charges your phone or tablet wirelessly, won’t shut down when the power cuts out

Ever wish your PC could charge your phone or tablet wirelessly? The Asus M70 does.
gigabyte brix pro powerful pc pint sized package brixpro primary 100223953 large

Gigabyte Brix Pro, a powerful PC in a pint-sized package

The Brix Pro from Gigabyte can be used as a starting point for PC builders.
msi goes ninja refreshed gs stealth notebook updates laptops desktops img 0007

MSI unleashes an armada of revamped gaming notebooks at CES 2014

MSI hits a multitude of price points with its refreshed gaming notebooks. Read more about them here.
vizio reveals refresh 24 inch aio 15 6 notebook ces 2014

Vizio reveals refresh of 24-inch AIO, 15.6-inch notebook at CES 2014

Vizio just pulled the curtain off its newest all in one desktop and notebook.
msi goes ninja renames gs 70 stealth adds new specs final

MSI goes ninja, renames GS 70 to GS Stealth, and adds new specs too

MSI just revealed a revamp of its GS 70 gaming notebook. Read more about it here.
samsung reveals new ativ laptop aio ces 2014 book 9 edition front black

Samsung reveals new ATIV laptop, AIO at CES 2014

Samsung just introduced a new laptop and a new desktop here at CES 2014. Read on to learn more about them.
asus announces 4k monitor sata express motherboard ces 2014

Asus announces 4K monitor, SATA Express motherboard at CES 2014

Got a need for freaky-high resolution? You could get your fix for 4k with ASUS' latest monitor.
hp reveals slew notebooks desktops ces 2014 notebool 350

HP reveals a slew of notebooks and desktops at CES 2014

Read up on the latest computing announcements from HP at CES 2014.
microsoft surface pro 2 review front

Surface Pro 2 firmware update release date: January 14?

A forum post indicates that new Surface Pro 2 firmware could be released less than two weeks from now.
new surface pro 2 firmware actually fixing problems

Microsoft upgrades Surface Pro 2 tablet’s CPU with nary a peep of an announcement

Microsoft quietly rolled out an upgrade for its Surface Pro 2 slate.
acer reveals ta272hul 27 inch android powered aio 1099 straight on

Acer reveals 27-inch, 21.5-inch Android AIO desktops (yes, desktops)

Acer just took the wraps off a pair of new AIO desktops running Android. No, really! Learn more about them here.
acer reveals new 300 c720p 2600 chromebook early january release date white touch right angle

Acer reveals new $300 C720P-2600 Chromebook, ‘early January’ release date

Acer just took the wraps off its latest addition to its line of Chromebook laptops.
velocity micro reveals petite smallblock pc systems

Velocity Micro reveals petite SmallBlock PC systems

The SmallBlock PC from Velocity Micro packs a lot of bunch into a little frame.
surface pro price cut 599 best buy microsoft tablet review press

128GB Surface Pro price cut to $600 at Best Buy, Microsoft

The price of the original Surface Pro just got a considerable trim.
winamp fans start change org petition open save website

New life for the llama? Winamp reportedly being sold by AOL to Radionomy

It looks like Winamp could survive and avoid the axe after all.
firefox classic theme restorer add negates version 29 features

Firefox app for Windows 8 release date delayed again, to March 18

The Firefox app for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 won't be unleashed until we're close to spring.
Dell Inspiron 14 7000 front windows 8

Windows 8/8.1 desktop marketshare hits double digits, but Windows 7 is still growing

Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 together have reached an OS market share milestone.
npd claims chromebook sales surge wheres chrome os usage beef hp 11 thumb

NPD claims Chromebook sales surge, but where’s the Chrome OS usage beef?

Chromebook sales are reportedly stronger this year than last. But what about Chrome OS usage?
new surface pro 2 firmware actually fixing problems

Some Surface Pro 2 users say they circumvent sleep, battery issues with this workaround

There could be a temporary solution to the Surface Pro 2 sleep and battery issues.
microsoft surface pro 2 review front

Surface Pro 2 firmware update release date still unknown

It's still unclear when Microsoft will release the latest firmware fix for the Surface Pro 2.
convertible laptop makers uneasy 2014 prospects lenovo yoga 2 pro press image

Convertible laptop makers temper 2014 prospects

Convertible laptops manufacturers aren't sure what to expect next year.
google chromebook pixel front

3 computing predictions that didn’t quite pan out in 2013

The predictions business can be a cruel and nasty one.
facebook windows 8 1 gets slew new features

Facebook for Windows 8.1 gets a slew of new features

Facebook on Windows 8.1 just got a bit of a facelift.
windows based high end mac pro equivilent costs even 9599 vs

Think a $9,599 Mac Pro is expensive? A Windows-based equivalent costs even more

Think a Windows version of the Mac Pro would be cheaper? Think again.
intel mini pc nuc apollo lake celeron processor logo

Intel expected to release $1000, 8-core Haswell-E processor in 2014

Got your eye on CPU upgrades? Get ready to start hearing "8-core" soon.