Surface Pro 2 firmware update release date still unknown

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In a tablet world dominated by iPads, Nexus 7s and Kindle Fires, it’s already hard enough for Microsoft and its Surface Pro 2 slate to penetrate the market. It’s even harder when firmware issues, and delays associated with the release of updates to correct these issues, crop up.

Surface Pro 2 owners have been frustrated for weeks, due to the fact that Microsoft removed a bugged firmware update for the device after issues with decreased battery life and sleep mode were discovered. However, a refreshed version of the update has yet to see the light of day.

Initially, Microsoft implied that its next firmware fix would be released at some point “after the holidays,” while later clarifying that the statement specifically refers to a time-frame after January 1, New Years Day. However, much the way that Microsoft adjusted its calender for halting sales of PCs included with copies of Windows 7 after initially setting an October 30 stop date, Microsoft has seemingly pushed back the release date of the new firmware update for its problematic Surface Pro 2.

Here’s what a Microsoft rep had to say about its release timeline for the firmware update earlier this week.

“We are working to release an alternative update package as soon as possible.” An exact release date for the update wasn’t detailed, with the rep merely stating that it would be released as soon as possible.

It’ll be interesting to see whether the issues will disappear if and when Microsoft releases the firmware update.

In the meantime, are you a Surface Pro 2 owner? Are you suffering from issues as a result of firmware problems? Sound off in the comments below.