New life for the llama? Winamp reportedly being sold by AOL to Radionomy

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After the announcement came down that Winamp, the popular media player which was created by Nullsoft and acquired by AOL back in 1999, would be shut down on December 20, 2013, public outcry, which came in multiple forms including a petition and a website by the name of, clearly signaled that many still cared deeply about the media player that’s been in existence since 1997. Perhaps it was this outpouring that has reportedly spurred AOL to sell Winamp to Radionomy, a streaming music firm, instead of simply switching the lever to “off” and tossing the keys away.

Not only will Radionomy allegedly be acquiring Winamp, but they’re also slated to get their mitts on streaming content software Shoutcast as well. Radionomy will supposedly complete both acquisitions by today or tomorrow.

Aside from the reports of a sale of Winamp and Shoutcast by AOL to Radionomy, this report of Winamp switching its name servers to lends further credence to the reported acquisition. Rumors back in November pointed to a possible acquisition of Winamp by Microsoft, but that never materialized. Moreover, it was unclear that, if Microsoft were to acquire Winamp, whether Redmond would have left it unchanged or tinkered with it somehow, either by turning it into a Windows 8 app, or something else.

If and when we hear of the completed acquisition of Winamp and Shoutcast by Radionomy, we will update this story accordingly.

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