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russell brand pirate bay messiah complex download 1

Russell Brand to Pirate Bay users: download my DVD, please!

Russell Brand doesn't mind if you download his new DVD from Pirate Bay.
google area 21 hq

French court forces search giants, ISPs to block video streaming sites

A French court's ruling just made it tougher for cheapskates to get by on freebie video streaming sites.
test internet speed speedtest

How to test your Internet speed

Here's how to test the speed of your Internet connection.
how to change your gmail account password version 1413698423

How to save an attachment from Gmail straight to Google Drive

Wondering how to save an attachment in your Gmail inbox to your Google Drive account? Here's how.
convertible laptop makers uneasy 2014 prospects lenovo yoga 2 pro press image

Microsoft releases a PC buying guide geared toward moms

Microsoft just released a guide to help you shop for a PC for your mom.
Microsoft HQ 2

Microsoft’s pivot on Skype in China could lead to increased privacy

Microsoft might have just gained a bunch of Chinese fans.
dj slapped wrist uploading unreleased beyonce album bittorrent

DJ slapped on the wrist for uploading an unreleased Beyonce album to the Internet

A Swedish DJ and music producer got a very light punishment for a pretty heavy privacy crime.
hackers target black friday holiday online shoppers hacker

Hackers to target Black Friday and holiday online shoppers

If you plan to shop on the Internet this holiday season, you should tread lightly.
acer c720p chromebook price release date revealed unveiled touch lft

Hooray for cheapskates! Acer takes the wraps off $300 touchscreen Chromebook

Starting in early December, there will be another Chromebook for you to choose from.
black friday digital sales records deals without stepping foot outside

How to score Holiday shopping deals without stepping foot outside

Avoid the holiday season chaos by sticking to our online shopping tips.
winamp fans start change org petition open save website

Winamp page hits 25k signatures, fans open Save Winamp site

AOL announced plans to kill Winamp -- and the Internet is displeased. Want to help save Winamp? Here's how.
google adds airports street view waterloo

Google adds airports, more to Google Street View

You can now get a better handle on what you're up against when you travel this holiday season, using Google Street View.
can skype outlook account regardless youre located now

Message syncing, other updates coming to Skype soon, Microsoft says

Microsoft is working on multiple updates for Skype.
Dell Inspiron 14 7000 front windows 8

Laptops and desktops to take a backseat to tablets in 2014?

We all know that tablets are popular. Well, they may be even more popular than you think.
pirate bay pulls anchors sets sail sweden the

Pirate Bay creator forced to remove content from Russian sites

The Russian government has started to crack down on Pirate Bay-related sites.
NSA Headquarters

Rejected! Obama admin reportedly prevented NSA chief from resigning

The head of the NSA has had second thoughts about his job.
Acer X313 Open

Is a Windows operating system merger coming?

Do you wish Windows was a single software experience across all devices? So does a Microsoft exec.
nsa predictive data

Leaked NSA slide says it infected over 50,000 networks with malware

Ever heard of the TAO? That acronym might be as familiar with the lexicon as NSA and NSFW are.
internet gambling nj casino new jersey 0123

NJ Gamblers place bets on internet casinos

NJ's virtual casinos are just about to go up, and that's just fine with some who participated in the trial run.
wd takes wraps worlds first ssd hdd combo drive black feature

WD takes the wraps off the world’s first SSD, HDD combo drive

WD's Black2 combines an SSD with a standard hard drive in one package.
keep certain programs opening boot msconfig

How to keep certain programs from opening at boot with MSConfig

Wish you could get certain apps to stop loading whenever you boot up? Get acquainted with MSConfig here.
shut windows pc using airytec switch free timer app airytech

How to shut down your Windows PC using Airytec Switch Off, a free timer app

Wish you could use a countdown timer to shut your PC off? Say hello to Airytec Switch off.
keynotes pages numbers apple mac os x update toolbars zoom screen800x500

Keynote, Pages, Numbers for Mac OS X get makeovers

Numbers, Keynote and Pages for Mac OS X each just got updates. Check 'em out here.
like ny jets offense n j internet gambling trial runs issues internetgambling

Like the NY Jets’ offense, N.J. Internet gambling trial runs into issues

New Jersey's Internet gambling trial faced a few bugs when it rolled out yesterday.
mediafire cloud storage app free windows apple mac os x main

Yay freebies! MediaFire now has a desktop app

Free up some hard drive space with MediaFire's new cloud storage desktop app.
winamp microsoft buy acquire aol shoutcast mp3 player alien 1

Microsoft reportedly in talks to buy Winamp, will the Llama get spared?

Microsoft is allegedly mulling a deal to acquire Winamp.
nsa safeplug pogoplug router tor network privacy online

Safeplug safeguards you from snoops for less than $50

For less than the cost of the average concert ticket, Safeplug pledges to preserve your Internet privacy.
internet gambling nj casino new jersey 0123

Gentleman, start your engines: NJ Internet gambling trial begins tonight

Internet gambling could soon be a reality in the Garden State.
celebrate winamp gushing favorite skins alien 2

We celebrate Winamp’s life by gushing about our favorite skins

We took some time today to talk about two of our all-time favorite Winamp themes.
windows 7 xp 8 adoption marketshare acer aspire r7 572 left facing win8

Acer unveils $900 Aspire R7 Haswell-powered convertible notebook

Acer just took the wraps off its latest sub-$1000 notebook.
winamp to shut down in december the silence

Winamp to stop whippin’ the Llama, will shut down next month

Winamp, the music and video player, will be no more roughly a month from now.
kansas city gets second crack signing google fiber

Kansas City gets a second crack at signing up for Google Fiber

If you're a resident of KC, you're in luck. Google re-opened Google Fiber sign up today.
may hope pc 2014 says one analyst dell alienware x51 gaming desktop review tower and keyboard

Want a 15″ laptop for less than $200? Check out Dell’s Black Friday deals

Dell will have some decent deals on notebooks and desktop PCs. Check them out here.
wikipedia switches to default encryption for its crowdsourced encyclopedia

Wikipedia escalates war with Wiki-PR, issues cease and desist letter

At this rate, Wikipedia and Wiki-PR reps might appear on an episode of Maury soon.