Gentleman, start your engines: NJ Internet gambling trial begins tonight

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The movement towards Internet gambling is gaining steam. Starting tonight at 6 p.m., the state of New Jersey will begin a trial run of Internet gambling in its state. The trial will last for five days.

The trial will be run to ascertain whether technology developed to ensure that all Internet gamblers are of age (legal gambling age is 21 and up) functions properly. The trial is also being held to test whether electronic payments and the tech behind Internet gambling that’s being employed by New Jersey would work in concert together swimmingly. 

Here’s what  Alisa Cooper, a commissioner with the New Jersey Casino Control Commission, had to say.

“This is a very exciting time for Atlantic City and for the gaming industry.I was born and raised here in Atlantic City, and I remember all of the excitement that filled this city 35 years ago when the first casino opened. There have been a lot of challenges and a lot of changes since those early days. With the dawn of Internet gaming, we are on the cusp of perhaps the biggest change — and challenge — since the first casino opened here.”

David Rebuck, director of the state Division of Gaming Enforcement, expects the test to go according to plan and doesn’t think there will be any hiccups.

“Testing has been going on for months, I don’t’ think there is any online gaming anywhere in the world that is going to be monitored as closely and protect the integrity of the games and players’ money as well these will.”

If the trial proves to be a success, then Internet gambling will be legal and playtime will start on Tuesday, November 26.

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