Message syncing, other updates coming to Skype soon, Microsoft says

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Though Skype is clearly a household name at this point, that doesn’t mean that the uber-popular chat and video calling service, which is owned by Microsoft, doesn’t have its faults. Users have complained about receiving messages that are out of sync or just plain old, which could easily throw people off and/or lead to miscommunication. That’s not what you want to strive for if you want to maintain your reputation as a premiere communication program. 

In an interview conducted by The Verge with Jeff Kunins, Skype’s Product Manager, Kunins revealed that Microsoft is working on Skype updates that will enable message syncing across all devices. This means that once the update is released, when you receive a message in Skype, it’ll get to you at that exact moment regardless of what device you’re using. The message will also appear on any other of your devices that are logged into Skype simultaneously.

Microsoft is also developing a Skype update that’s meant to improve the way Skype reacts when you answer a call. If you have two devices running the same Skype account and you answer an incoming call on one device, Skype will continue to ring on your other device as if you had failed to answer the call. Redmond’s update would rectify this issue, making your other devices go silent once you answer or decline the call on any other gear. Kunins described Microsoft’s efforts to stymie this flaw as a “fun bug we’re working on.”

While there is no exact release date for these updates, Kunins assures that the message syncing update will begin to be rolled out “very soon.” There’s no hard release date for the incoming call bug either.

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