Google adds airports, more to Google Street View

google adds airports street view waterloo

To this point, Google Street View has let you taken peeks and awe at such majestic locales as the Galapagos Islands. Now, Google has added a few more practical hot-spots to its Google Street View database for your perusing pleasure, which we think travelers could come to appreciate.

Now, using Google Street View, you can scope out the innards of multiple airports, including Madrid Barajas airport in Spain, Tokyo International Airport in Japan, and Eindhoven Airport in Amsterdam. Waterloo Station a prominent train station in London, England. You can also check out the inside of Emirates A380 jetliner, though we don’t find that to be a useful as the other added spots.

Here’s what Google Street View Program Manager Ulf Spitzer had to say about the updates.

“Now, in addition to scoping out your destination, Street View can help you cut down the stress of traveling by giving you a preview of your journey, too. Our first efforts to map global transit locations include 16 international airports, over 50 train and subway stations, and even a cable car station in Hong Kong.”

Sure, it’s not as if Google Street View provides live webcam feed that can give you a clear handle on the crowds you’ll be going up against once you hit up your particular point of interest. However, using Google Street View to check out any of the new locations added can help you map out routes, which could save precious minutes, especially if you’re planning to travel this Thanksgiving weekend or around Christmas/New Year’s with multiple people.