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pilot testing drivers licenses internet rolls two us states password

Here’s how to set up a Windows login password

Add a big layer of security to your Windows PC with this guide.
how to change your gmail account password version 1413698423

Google to banish Display All Images Gmail button

Starting today, Google is making it easier to soak up pics in Gmail.
yahoo mail fail new update claims significant progress made redesign 2

Yahoo Mail fail: New update claims 97 percent of affected users have email access again

Yahoo just gave an update on the progress its made to restore Mail.
pirate bay channeling inner johnny cash moves gy domain

Pirate Bay escapes to Peru domain, teases forthcoming PirateBrowser

Pirate Bay drops its anchors in Peru, but greater tides are currently brewing.
mulally grilled ford board microsoft rumors alanmulally2

Ford board to tackle Mulally Microsoft CEO rumors

Ford is apparently tired of hearing about their CEO and the possible connection to Microsoft.
want upgrade pc substantially cheap get older gear radeon hd 770

Want to supercharge your PC on the cheap? Get older gear

A surefire way to spruce up your PC is by sinking some cash into gear that's a generation or two old. No, really!
pirate bay pulls anchors sets sail sweden the

Google stonewalls access to Pirate Bay Chrome browser extension, more

Google has banned some naughty browser extensions, but stopped short of making the ultimate anti-piracy move.
dell reveals chromebook 11 price specs release date

Dell unwraps its very first Chromebook, priced under $300

Dell just got in on the Chromebook market, giving the competition something else to worry about.
petition 106000 signatures supporting pirate bays founder delivered danish government minister of justice gottfrid svartholm

Pirate Bay founder reportedly doing time in solitary confinement without a warrant

Denmark's treatment of Pirate Bay's founder is, if accurate, downright scary.
free wi fi nyc harlem bloomberg wireless announcement may 2014 release new york skyline 0

Free Wi-Fi coming to Harlem, NYC: Miracle on (and around) 134th street

Harlem residents must be jumping for joy after this announcement.
hp reveals new elitebook folio classmate notebooks monitor desktops pc 1040 g1 left

HP announces new EliteBook, convertible notebook, and more

HP just announced the EliteBook Folio 1040 G1, EliteBook Revolve G2, and more. Read up on their latest gear here.
PC gamers gift guide thumb

PC Gamers gift guide

Check out our PC Gamer holiday buying guide, where we'll clue you in on what gear you should grab depending on what your loved one's gaming needs are.
microsoft windows 7 pcs sales all in one sony

Microsoft decides to allow the continued sale of Windows 7 PCs after all

Microsoft went back on on a stance it took earlier. Again.
mlb winter meetings 2013 news rumors updates how to follow

Jonesing for MLB Winter Meetings news and rumors? Here’s how to stay informed

Here are the best ways to keep up with the MLB Winter Meetings.
ssd sales spiked by 80 percent 2013 samsung

Samsung debuts world’s first 1 terabyte mSATA solid-state drive

Samsung has announced the 840 EVO, the world's first 1TB mSATA solid-state drive.
anonymous hackers paypal attack wikileaks guilty plea costs trapwire system

Anonymous hackers plead guilty to 2010 PayPal hack

A group of hackers working for Anonymous plead guilty to an attack on PayPal launched in 2010.
rightscorp comcast dmca takedown isp illegal download downloading

Rightscorp is trying to punish pirates, but Comcast isn’t cooperating

Rightscorp, an anti-piracy outfit, wants to target illegal downloaders. Without partners though, it's pretty powerless.
new gateway notebooks first touchscreen laptops price specs nv570p lt41p left facing

Gateway just took the veil off its first two touchscreen notebooks

Gateway is getting in on the touchscreen game with a pair of new budget-priced notebooks.
123456 remains the worlds most used and worst password

People don’t use secure passwords, in other news, bears live in the woods

What's the fastest way to get your Internet account compromised? Use a weak password, as many do, apparently.
symantic torrent bit sites malware viruses patent security virus lets you check if you’ve been pwned by hackers

A new website lets you check if you've been hit by data thieves in recent years.
Microsoft HQ 2

Microsoft, FBI aim to rescue those hit by ZeroAccess malware

Microsoft and law enforcement officials are teaming up to combat the ZeroAccess botnet.
acer takes wraps new 21 5 inch sub 800 aio pc aspire az3 600 straight on  1

Acer takes the wraps off a new 21.5-inch, sub-$800 AIO PC

Acer just unveiled an all-in-one desktop PC that won't break the bank.
usb 3 0 type c connectors announced revealed 31

There’s two right ways to go with the new USB connectors coming next year

By the middle of next year, plugging in a USB cable the wrong way will be a notion that begins to take a stroll down Extinction Lane.
washington post hacked chinese origin suspected hacker

Hackers scamming Virgin Media consumers with phishing emails

Virgin Media account holders should keep an eye out for any iffy emails.
facebook track user data stop piracy fb

Facebook to track user data to stop piracy?

Pirates who make use of Facebook to share files should tread carefully these days.
hotfile shuts permanently settlement mpaa rest in peace3

Hotfile shuts down permanently after settlement with MPAA

Hotfile is no more as of today. After the MPAA and the file sharing service reached a settlement totaling tens of millions of dollars, Hotfile decided to shut its doors permanently, making the announcement on its official site.
hotfile ordered pay mpaa 80m settlement gavel

Hotfile ordered to pay MPAA $80M in settlement

Hotfile may need to make some changes if it hopes to live on.
firefox classic theme restorer add negates version 29 features

How to block pop ups using a Firefox browser addon

Do you use Firefox? Here's an easy way to get annoying ads out of your life while you browse the 'net.
apple releases a new build of os x mavericks 10 9 3 to developers macbook pro 13 inch 2013

Is wireless charging coming to the iMac, Mac Pro or MacBook?

Wireless charging may make its way to the iMac, Mac Pro or MacBook at some point.
Gateway DX 4885 UB3A front angle

Research firm IDC expects PC shipments to fall again drastically this year

PC shipments are expected to fall this year. In other news, fish can swim.
office 365 free student advantage microsoft

Microsoft picks up the tab for Office 365 for many students

If you're a student you may be going to a school that's about to offer you Office 365 for zilch.
Dell Inspiron 14 7000 front windows 8

Microsoft Threshold is coming, and it will continue to merge Microsoft’s operating systems

A significant Windows update is coming, and it's called Threshold.
1167000 autosave v1 2 dell 4k monitor

Dell reveals $3,500 32-inch 4k monitor, leaks 24-inch 4k display

Dell just took the wraps off one 4k monitor, and let slip some news about another.
windows 7 xp 8 adoption marketshare acer aspire r7 572 left facing win8

Even more people are using Windows 7 as of last month

Most machines running Windows are running either Windows 7 or XP, not Windows 8.