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best computing product 2013 of macbook pro retina 13 feature

Best computing product of 2013: 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display

There are PC case mods, and then there’s this

We thought we saw it all when it came to PC mods. We were wrong.
aida 64 extreme tells you whats inside your pc

AIDA64 Extreme tells you what’s inside your PC without opening it up

Here's an easy way to find out what components are in your PC without opening it up.
redtube users longer need fear lawsuit threats get out of jail free for the win wallpaper jxhy

RedTube users no longer face fines for watching copyrighted porn

Fee notices won't be sent out to RedTube viewers for the moment.
google discloses another windows security bug fix out soon 8 1 review

Windows 8.1 machines running Android apps to descend upon CES 2014?

2014 will reportedly feature mobile apps running on Windows 8.1.
AMD Radeon R290X

AMD on the up and up thanks to Mac Pro, other partnerships

AMD is kinda like the horror movie villain who you think is dead by somehow comes back again.
may hope pc 2014 says one analyst dell alienware x51 gaming desktop review tower and keyboard

There may be some hope for the PC in 2014, says one analyst

2014 could be the year that the PC market will become more stable.
new mac pro wont run windows 7 boot camp macpro 01260

Mac Pro selling for more than double on eBay

Someone is trying to cash in with their Mac Pro on eBay.
u s military reportedly uses unlicensed copies windows 7 laptop

US military reportedly uses unlicensed copies of Windows 7

It appears as if not all of the military's copies of WIndows 7 are exactly kosher.
disable windows key win 7 729 wallpaper 1600x1200 customity

How to disable the Windows key in Win 7

Here's how to turn off the Windows key on your keyboard.

How to make your PC’s power button do other stuff

Retrain your power button's behavior with this guide.
LG LN450W monitor

How to keep your PC’s screen from dimming

Here we show you how to keep your PC's display from napping.
yahoo ceo marissa mayer apology mail desktop inbox message list

Tabs make their return to Yahoo Mail

Yahoo officially announced the re-addition of tabs to Mail.
three ways kim jong un couldve threatened south korea tech savvy way 7

Three ways Kim Jong Un could’ve threatened South Korea in a more tech-savvy way

Nobody will accuse North Korea of being on the cutting edge of technology. But using fax as a way to threaten neighboring countries? Really?
MacBook Pro

MacBook iSight hack lets snoops spy on you without turning on the cam light

Apple's iSight cam can be tweaked and used for nefarious purposes covertly.
pirate bay pulls anchors sets sail sweden the

Pirate Bay pulls up anchors again, sets sail for Sweden

Pirate Bay has been on the move. Again.
new mac pro wont run windows 7 boot camp macpro 01260

New Apple Mac Pro delayed from Dec. 30 to February

Uh oh, spaghetti-o. Apple's Mac Pro ship date has been pushed back a couple of months.
washington post hacked chinese origin suspected hacker

Washington Post hacked again, Chinese origin suspected

After a cyber attack in August by the Syrian Electronic Army, along with other intrusions, the Washington Post has been hacked again.
expensive new apple mac pro costs 9600 4

Are you sitting down? The most expensive new Apple Mac Pro costs $9,600

You'll have to hand over a hefty sum of cash for a top of the line Apple Mac Pro.
new apple mac pro goes sale today gallery6 2013

New Apple Mac Pro goes on sale today: Which setup is right for you?

Today is the day that Apple's cylindrical desktop goes on sale. Which configuration is right for you?
man fined 650k sharing content via swebits torrent site  forumet 1249899600883

Man fined over $650k for sharing content via Swebits

One file sharer now has to pay dearly for his crimes.
microsoft ceo decision coming early 2014 steve ballmer steps down

Microsoft CEO decision coming in early 2014

Microsoft will select a successor to Ballmer in the early part of next year.
pirate bay channeling inner johnny cash moves gy domain

Pirate Bay channeling its inner Johnny Cash, moves to Guyana .GY domain

Pirate Bay has been forced to get on the move again.
e waste busting universal laptop chargers proposed delllaptopcharger

Universal laptop chargers may become a reality, greatly reduce e-waste

It won't be easy to pull off, but an idea for a one-size-fits-all laptop charger is now on the table.
2013 mac pro gallery top

New Apple Mac Pro begins shipping tomorrow, starts at $3,000

It won't be long before you could slap a new Mac Pro on your desk.
yahoo mail status page fail continues hq

Yahoo Mail status page down [Update: Story corrected]

After an apology from Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer herself, the official Yahoo Mail status page has been updated with new information.
apple just signaled support os x snow leopard ending safari update

Is Apple about to end its support of OS X Snow Leopard?

Is Apple signaling the end of its support for OS X Snow Leopard?
npd claims chromebook sales surge wheres chrome os usage beef hp 11 thumb

Google, HP to resume Chromebook 11 Sales, replace chargers for free

Google announced that it, along with partner HP, will resume sales of the HP Chromebook 11. There's more though.
hackers russia steal 1 billion usernames passwords security

Microsoft’s Telepathwords tells you if your password sucks or not

Microsoft developed a web-based tool that tells you how secure your password is.
like ny jets offense n j internet gambling trial runs issues internetgambling

Over 91k Internet gambling accounts opened in New Jersey

Tens of thousands of Internet gambling accounts have been opened in less than a month.
will ces look like 10 years show floor

What will CES look like in 10 years?

We think CES could get smaller in the next few years. Here's why.
yahoo ceo marissa mayer apology mail desktop inbox message list

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer apologizes for email fail

In a message posted to a Tumbler blog, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer shed some light on problems with the firm's Mail service.
italy agcom pirate anti piracy download bay software keyboard skull music cyber crime

Italy approves measure to clamp down harder on piracy

Italy just passed a set of tough anti-piracy measures.
att anti piracy patent pirate download chicago flagship store

Anti-piracy patent granted to AT&T

AT&T just acquired a patent that could hit pirates hard down the line.