Three ways Kim Jong Un could’ve threatened South Korea in a more tech-savvy way

three ways kim jong un couldve threatened south korea tech savvy way 7
North Korean head of state Kim Jong Un reportedly threatened South Korea. While that’s not exactly shocking, the way he went about doing so is.

He allegedly used a fax machine. That’s right, a fax machine.

A fax machine!? This is the guy that has been able to lure former Chicago Bulls star Dennis Rodman to visit the place. So he can get a guy who played with Michael Jordan, but he’s using fax machines to threaten neighboring countries??? That’s a fail deserving of an ESPN-esque “C’mon, man!”

The fact that Kim Jong Un used a fax machine to threaten a technologically superior state like South Korea is proof positive of North Korea’s failures to jump feet first into the 21st century. After all, this is the same place that was spotted using Windows XP at their rocket launch facilities in late 2012.

So what could Kim Jong Un have done to make his nation look more up to date from a technological standpoint while still threatening their southern neighbor? Here are three ways Un could’ve issued the threat without making North Korea look like it’s stuck in 1983. These three suggestions may seem obvious to us, but someone’s got to bring the young leader up to speed.

1. Email

A quick email to any high level South Korean governmental official would’ve sufficed. Email became a common mode of communication here in the states starting in the mid-90s, so we’d have to believe that by 2013, Un would be familiar with the tech.

2. Blog Post

Considering that South Korea is constantly monitoring North Korea, a public blog post would’ve also done the trick. Blogs are a common way to disseminate information, whether you’re a multi-national tech firm or a struggling dictatorship that’s constantly doing weird stuff. Like say, threatening other countries via fax.

3. Skype

Now we’re talkin’. Kim Jong Un could’ve gone all Dr. Evil and surely gotten the attention of someone on the other side by inviting them to a Skype chat.

What other ways could Kim Jong Un have threatened South Korea without making the North look like it’s stuck in the technological stone age? Sound off in the comments below.

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