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pirate bay pulls anchors sets sail sweden the

Pirate Bay finds itself in the cross-hairs of European courts

It's getting more difficult to access the Pirate Bay for some these days.
russia based mail ru launches com u s img 2949 1024x682

Russia-based Mail.Ru launches here in the U.S.

On the hunt for an alternative email or chat service? just launched today.
google hot water dutch regulators privacy policy sign

Google settles Safari privacy case with states, pays millions

Google has to pay millions after it was caught spying on users.
google news spam nyc

Experts pour cold water on Google’s anti-child porn efforts

Some experts warn that despite Google's best efforts, Internet child porn will live on.
google pull pics slain 14 year old boy maps multiple destinations

Google to pull pics of slain 14-year-old boy from Maps

hackers target black friday holiday online shoppers hacker

vBulletin hacked by European “Inj3ct0r Team” group

Do you frequent a site that uses vBulletin? European hackers claimed to have successfully attacked the community forum service.
5 things stephen elop might get microsoft back track stephenelop

Who gets the gig? Microsoft to narrow its list of CEO candidates today

Microsoft's board of directors is expected to narrow the number of potential CEO candidates down to as few as three at a meeting on Monday.
anonymous hacker gets decade slammer jeremy hammond

LulzSec, Anonymous hacker gets a decade in the slammer

Sometimes crime pays. Other times it doesn't. This is one of those times.
anonymous anon hacking hack exploit adobe attacking us government costs trapwire system

Anonymous using Adobe ColdFusion exploit to attack U.S. government

Anonymous has been infiltrating U.S. government computers for a while.
google glitch sends thousands of emails to one mans hotmail account search

Microsoft and Google make it harder to find child porn online

Microsoft and Google are teaming up to take a bite out of child porn on the Internet.
reader poll mac os x mavericks windows 8 1 microsoft vs apple

Reader poll: Mac OS X Mavericks or Windows 8.1?

Do you prefer to use OS X Mavericks or Windows 8.1? Weigh in on the debate here.
3d builder app windows 81 printing

Craft your next 3D printing project with 3D Builder for Windows 8.1

If you're the proud (and lucky) owner of a 3D printer, check out 3D Builder, a 3D printing app for Windows 8.1.
pirate bay pulls anchors sets sail sweden the

Pirate Bay next on anti-piracy group’s hit list

Multiple streaming sites have gone down across Europe just this week, and Pirate Bay could be next.
mit develops inform blows mind rendering digital stuff 3d physically

MIT develops inFORM, blows your mind by rendering digital stuff in 3D physically

Wish you had the tech that the Jetsons got to use on a daily basis? Get a load of the inFORM from MIT.
hp unveils releases reveals c720 2848 chromebook amazon best buy acer previewed at idf forward angle

Acer releases new C720-2848 Chromebook, available for $200 from Best Buy, Amazon today

Acer just took the wraps off their new C720-2848 Chromebook today, which is awfully cheap and pretty light.
nsa predictive data

U.S. government feasting on double the Google user data in the last three years

Uncle Sam is tapping Google for much more data now than they have in recent years.
new microsoft cyber crime center revealed malware citadel ukraine russia cybercrime

Microsoft plans to be the Batman of tech security with new cybercrime center

Seemingly inspired by the lairs of your favorite superheroes, Microsoft just revealed its new Cybercrime Center.
intel skylake processors tipped to debut in august not june logo 6 650x0

Move aside, Apple and Microsoft! Intel plans its own pop-up stores for the holidays

Chip maker Intel is set to open their own retail stores in NYC on November 23, with more locations coming before the holidays.
Dell Inspiron 14 7000 front windows 8

The number of Windows 8 app releases has fallen and can’t get up

After a brief spike last month, the number of Windows 8 and 8.1 apps that have been released in recent months has dropped sharply.
dropbox update will finally let users keep one account home business

Dropbox update makes it easier to switch from work to play, and back

A new update to Dropbox reveals that you won't need to switch between your work and private accounts anymore.
npd claims chromebook sales surge wheres chrome os usage beef hp 11 thumb

HP Chomebook 11 pulls disappearing act, goes poof from retailers’ shelves

The HP Chromebook 11 was just pulled from store shelves, but no official reason was given for the move.
bittorrent file sharing p2p download upload downloading uploading netflix tv 590x407

BitTorrent traffic drops to 7 percent in US, but rises everywhere else

The rise of services like Netflix and YouTube has led to the fall of BitTorrent usage in North America. But it's alive and well in other spots globally.
acer travelmate p645 x313 reveal unveil release feature

Acer unveils a pair of new TravelMate ultrabooks

Are ultrabooks on your gift shopping list? Acer has a couple of new options coming down the pipe you might want to take a look at
google adds voice search latest chrome beta windows mac linux

New Chrome beta helps you find that annoying tab that’s auto-playing music or ads

Ever wish there was a way to find out which of your tabs was auto-playing that video or advertisement? The latest version of Chrome beta helps you do that.
gmail update google drive upload download attachment2

Got Gmail? You can now save attachments directly to Google Drive

Looking to eliminate your Google Drive and Gmail hassles? A new update from Google will help you do just that.
google discloses another windows security bug fix out soon 8 1 review

Windows 8 and 8.1 app downloads up nearly 40 percent since June

Downloads of apps to machines running Windows 8 and 8.1 either OS have risen as of late.
bing music video search youtube vimeo mtv

Bing makes it easier to find your favorite YouTube, Vimeo, and MTV videos

Are you a Bing user? If so, Microsoft just implemented some new features to make it easier to enjoy music videos.
symantic torrent bit sites malware viruses patent security virus

‘Tis the season: Trojan viruses, malware infections spike from online banking usage

Do you bank online? If so, then this cyber security report from Trend Micro is worth your attention.
sony hackers still unidentified hunt seems mission impossible hacking

Software piracy group MeGaHeRTz spies on users, mines data, IP addresses

The world of torrents is full of freebies, many available illegally. However, sometimes you get more than you bargained for. This is one of those times.
Microsoft HQ 2

Lack of Microsoft security exploit patch likely to send users into a TIFF

Patch Tuesday is tomorrow, but Microsoft's latest updates will not address the TIFF exploit found to affect multiple versions of Vista, Office, and more.

The end of illegal file sharing? Netflix, YouTube push P2P Web traffic down 66 percent

The music and film industries will likely be thrilled by this: A Sandvine report shows that P2P file sharing activity in North America is down drastically.
exploit malware ie internet explorer windows 7 xp 8 microsoft hq

New exploit on Windows 7, Windows XP gives you another reason to ditch Internet Explorer

Do you use Internet Explorer on Windows XP or Windows 7? If so, take note: a security firm discovered a new exploit that targets IE on Win 7 and XP.
hackers target black friday holiday online shoppers hacker

Obamacare website threatened by hackers using DDoS attacks

The Obamacare site has been beleaguered since its launch, suffering from multiple issues, and could soon suffer due to a new problem: DDoS attacks.
123456 remains the worlds most used and worst password

Was your Adobe password leaked by hackers? Here’s how to check

There's a way to determine whether your Adobe account was affected by the recent cyber attacks suffered by the firm. Here's how you can check.