Reader poll: Mac OS X Mavericks or Windows 8.1?

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Last month, both Microsoft and Apple released refreshed operating systems. Windows 8.1 was available for download starting October 21, while OS X Mavericks hit the market on October 22. Windows 8.1, was an update, while the other, OS X Mavericks, was a full release. The former was free to those already running Windows 8 but costs upwards of $100 and more if you’re jumping from Windows XP or Windows 7, while Mavericks was made available as a completely free download on day one.

Windows 8.1 re-introduced some sorely missed features, including the tried-and-true Start Menu, whose absence from Windows 8 led to the release of multiple third party Start menus, which helped filled the void. Mavericks brought with it several notable improvements, including Notifications, iCloud Keychain and more. Overall, though, neither Windows 8.1 nor Mavericks have been game changers in the tech world. While Mavericks doesn’t have to deal with the bad taste that Windows 8 put in the mouths of many, which could impact Windows 8.1’s success, Mavericks has launched with a slew of problems of its own, from usage, to install, to simply downloading the OS.

We’re left wondering though, considering that both Mavericks and Windows 8.1 both have had similar impacts on the way people use computers (not much of one, that is), we can’t help but think whether people prefer Mavericks or Windows 8.1. Though it’d be entertaining to hit the street with mic in hand and a camera crew in tow to take peoples’ temperatures, we’re going the poll route.

Below is a handy poll where you can let us know which operating system you would rather use. Feel free to participate in the discussion in the comments section as well.