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red mac pro sothebys auction bono apple 4

Apple is making one red Mac Pro, and it’s going to cost you

This red Mac Pro desktop will be sold at an auction next month. The auction will be hosted by Bono of U2 and his charity (RED), which helps fight AIDS.
how to fix mavericks mcafee compatibility issues flash sandboxed

Got Mavericks and McAfee compatibility issues? How to fix them

Are your Mavericks and McAfee installs not getting along? This should fix any compatibility issues you're experiencing.
four alleged images of mac os x 10 leak prior to wwdc 2014 mavericks macbook

Mavericks is three times more popular than Mountain Lion, so far

Many more Mac users used Mavericks on day one compared with Mountain Lion and its day one usage stats.
sandboxed adobe flash player mavericks increase security safari mac os x

Sandboxed Adobe Flash Player in Mavericks should increase security in Safari

Adobe says that by sandboxing Adobe Flash Player in Mac OS X Mavericks, security should be boosted significantly when using Safari.
twitter reaction demuth blown call strengthens case replay manager challenges mlb error final

Game 1 of the World Series proves that replay would work fine in Major League Baseball

Those who have resisted replay in MLB were nowhere to be found on Twitter after DeMuth's blown call during Game 1 of the World Series last night.
mac pro desktop spec problem final

Small bytes of hard drive space may spell big problems for Apple’s new Mac Pro

Apple's target audience could be put off by one of the key specs in its new Mac Pro desktop.
how to fix a broken os x mavericks download main

Download down! Problems keeping you from snagging OS X Mavericks? Here’s our fix guide

Having problems downloading Mavericks? Our tips could help you wriggle free of your conundrum.
apple reveals mac pro price specs details 10 22

Apple reveals specs, $3,000 price for new Mac Pro, release set for December

At an event today in San Francisco, Apple announced multiple new Mac Pro details, including specs, price tag and release date.
osx mavericks compatibility

Apple reveals Mac OS X Mavericks is free to download today

Apple shared some additional details regarding Mac OS X Mavericks today, which was initially announced in June.

BlackBerry takes a mulligan, re-releases BBM on Android and iPhone

BlackBerry is getting set to release for Android and iPhone today. Whether this launch is smoother than the first one remains to be seen, however.