There are PC case mods, and then there’s this

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There are loads of ways you can go about sprucing up your PC’s case. You can add strips of LED lights to it to infuse your box with a little extra pizazz. There are also a multitude of 5 1/4-inch bay drives out there that run the gamut from temperature monitors and LCD displays, to cigarette lighters and zanier options. We’d like to think that we’ve seen our fair share of awesome PC mods, but nothing could have prepared us for what we came across here.


This thread at contains what essentially boils down to a photo diary of forum member “masbuskado” and his efforts to create a PC case with a The Walking Dead theme. Like a good math teacher, masbuskado doesn’t just show you the end result of their labors; he takes his admirers through all the steps involved to arrive at what can only be described as an amazing achievement in PC modding. The end result is what we find ourselves gawking at most though.


By the time he’s done tinkering, masbuskado ends up creating a brilliant case that appears to be encrusted in blood, dirt and dust, looking like something that’s in the midst of surviving a zombie apocalypse, like the rest of the (human) cast in The Walking Dead. Our favorite touches include “Don’t Open Dead Inside,” which appears to be spray painted along the side of the case. That message refers to the zombie stuck inside the case, complete with outstretched hand poking through the ventilation holes in the front, made to look like a worn fence.

We could go on and on, but this is something best appreciated with your own eyes. What do you think of this The Walking Dead themed PC case? Sound off in the comments below.

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