NJ Gamblers place bets on internet casinos

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Last week, the state of New Jersey began an Internet gambling trial, partnering with several big-name NJ-area casinos to make sure that the services are secure and operate with high levels of stability.

Though the trial wasn’t totally immune to glitches and bugs, it avoided any disastrous pitfalls that could have spelled doom for the pro-Internet gambling corner in the Garden State. In fact, some users can’t wait for Internet gambling to begin in full force in New Jersey, which starts tomorrow. Here’s what Chris Choy had to say about his experience participating in the trial run.

“I’ll definitely be back; it was awesome. I was approved within 45 minutes and got $1,000 in there with no problems. It was pretty smooth sailing.” 

Michael Gagliano also had positive things to say about his Internet gambling experience.

“I deposited without any problems, and it went into my account instantly, and I was playing right away. I play a lot of poker, so I’ll definitely be playing on a lot of these sites,” he said.

It’s worth noting that Choy and Gagliano both had their best experience while on the World Series of Poker site, which is run by Caesars Atlantic City. Gagliano also gave Party Poker and Ultimate Poker a shot, but didn’t have as smooth an experience on either of those sites as he did on World Series of Poker.

 NJ-based casinos haven’t done as well recently as they have in the past. In 2006, their revenue amounted to $5.2 billion. Last year, that number sank to $3 billion. If the official launch of Internet gambling in NJ goes off without a hitch, it could provide a significant boost to the industry’s profits while also likely perking up interest in similar programs in other states.

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