AMD releases Kaveri A-Series APUs equipped with Radeon R7 graphics

amd releases kaveri series apus equipped radeon r7 graphics richland a

GPU and CPU maker AMD just took the wraps off a trio of APUs built around their Kaveri architecture, dubbed the A-Series, this new trifecta of APUs will each include AMD’s Radeon R7 graphics.

As is tradition with AMD, these new APUs are pretty affordable. The priciest of the bunch is the AMD-A10 7850K, which is a quad-core processor clocked at 3.7 GHz, includes 4MB of L2 cache and consumes 95 watts of power. The midrange unit is the A10-7700K, which runs at 3.4 GHz, sports four CPU cores, and also requires 95 watts of power while including the same amount of L2 cache and the 7850K.

Finally, there’s the AMD A8-7600 chip, which comes in two variants: a 65 watter and a 45-watt version. The difference between the two? The former is clocked at 3.3 GHz, while the latter is 200 MHz slower by default (3.1 GHz). However, there seems to be no difference in price between the two, so it’s unclear to us why anyone would opt for the  45-watt version, outside of energy consumption concerns, or fears of maxing out your system’s power supply.

The A10-7850K will retail for $173. Not bad for a new chip at all, especially if you’re building your next system on a tight budget. The 7700K can be had for $152 once it ships, while the A8-7600 will cost you $119, whether you opt for the 65 or 45-watt model. 

AMD says that both new A10 APUs are available starting today, while the A8-7600 will be launched sometime in Q1 of this year, though an exact release date has not been provided.

What do you think of AMD’s new A-Series APUs? If you were building a new system, which of these would you opt for and why? Sound off in the comments below.