NZXT’s H440 case ditches 5.25-inch drive bays altogether

nzxts h440 case ditches 5 25 inch drive bays altogether wt fan

Though most PC cases differ in several aspects (aesthetics, external design, number of drive bays, supported motherboard form factors, etc), for the most part, they usually also share common elements, regardless of price, brand, and form factor. One of these shared traits is the existence of the 5.25-inch drive bay, the familiar and friendly home to optical drives and bay devices that have been around for decades. It’s no secret that the day of the disc is coming to an end, with its demise owed to the prevalence of high speed Internet connections and services like Steam, Netflix, iTunes, Hulu and others that allow you to download and stream music, games, videos and more. Why slap stuff on discs when you can directly download almost anything you buy these days? NZXT seems to concur, if its new H440 case is any indication.

The H440, which ships in Glossy White (pictured) or Matte Black/Gloss Red, does away with 5.25-inch drive bays entirely. Instead, a majority of the H440’s front panel is occupied by a trio of 120mm fans, with a 140mm fan stuck to the back. The H440 includes 6+2 3.5-inch/2.5-inch drive bays, along with 7 expansion slots and room for graphics cards as lengthy as 15.99-inches. The H440 also includes support for liquid cooling, as well as Mini-ITX, MicroATX and ATX motherboards.

You can snag an NZXT H440 directly from the company’s site for $12o directly from their site.

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