Awkward moment occurs between Bill Gates, Jimmy Fallon, and a MacBook

awkward moment occurs between bill gates jimmy fallon and jimmys macbook watch the video here

A very awkward exchange took place between ‘Late Night’ host  Jimmy Fallon and tech industry titan Bill Gates during Gates’ recent appearance on Fallon’s show earlier this week. If you haven’t seen or heard about this yet, you need to check it out.

The segment begins innocent and interesting enough, with Fallon praising Gates’ charitable efforts and his success in eradicating polio from India. The conversation then moved to what Gates thought would be next in terms of big overall trends in the computing industry. It was then that Fallon realized that on his desk sat a MacBook, while the former CEO of Apple’s chief rival, Microsoft, was perched mere inches from him.

Thus, the awkward moment began, as Fallon apologized for having a MacBook on his desk around Gates, and then opting to close the notebook’s display lid, only to then take it off his desk completely, along with the accompanying mouse and keyboard.

For what it’s worth, Gates seemed to take the situation completely in stride, shaking his head and smiling as if to say “no big deal.” Gates even seemed to say “it’s okay” as Fallon apologized to him for having a MacBook plainly out in the open around him.

Between his charitable causes and clips like these, Gates clearly takes the crown as the “coolest” tech billionaire out there, as Jimmy Fallon noted at the start of the clip.

You can watch the entire exchange below.

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