OCZ Vertex 460 SSDs available for pre-order now

ocz vertex 460 ssds available pre order now vertex460 a3 lrg

Hot off the heels of an acquisition by component manufacturer Toshiba, solid state drive maker OCZ has announced that a trio of new SSDs are now available for pre-order.

Dubbed the Vertex 460 series, OCZ’s newest trifecta of SSDs is the first launch of new units while operating under the Toshiba umbrella. The Vertex 460 SSDs will ship in storage options offering 120GB, 240GB and 480GB of space for you to play with. There’s a minor caveat that comes with each drive, however, aside from the obvious storage limitations.

The 120GB Vertex 460 is the slowest of the three, with rated read/write speeds of 530/420 MBps. The 240GB OCZ drive sits in the middle of the pack, with read/write data transfer rates rated at 540/525 MBps, a write speed jump of 105 MBps from the 120GB Vertex 460 to the 240GB drive. Finally, we have the 480GB Vertex 460, which sits at the top of the heap, wielding read/write data transfer rates of 545/525 MBps.

Each of the 2.5-inch Vertex 460s is 7mm thick and runs on the SATA3 interface. The 120GB drive will run you $105, while the 240GB and 480GB drives will cost you $200 and $360, respectively. The drives will begin shipping on January 29, less than a week from now.

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