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Apple celebrates, pays tribute to the Mac’s 30th on its homepage

apple celebrates mac 30th birthday

In case you didn’t hear about it yet, Apple, and the tech world, are both celebrating the 30th birthday of the original Mac desktop computer, which was released on January 24, 1984.

If you head over to right now, you’ll find that Cupertino is paying homage to the desktop today by slathering its site all sorts of interesting information about the Mac’s history, including a video, as well as an interactive timeline that takes you through every iteration of the Mac, from the original way back in ’84, up through the redesigned cylindrical Mac Pro desktop that we have today.

Apple’s Mac birthday pages are also stuffed with photos of the development team posing with Mac desktops, as well as multiple quotes, including at least one from the departed, iconic former Apple CEO, Steve Jobs. A video on the site not only pays tribute to the original Mac itself, but the power of and appeal of the Mac in general, specifically zeroing in on its appeal for those in creative fields like art, music, video production and more. The video is peppered with contributions and lines from a multitude of artists and musicians, including Moby, and music producer Hans Zimmer, the latter being of The Dark Knight, Inception and The Lion King fame.

All in all, if you’ve ever been curious about the history of Mac, and have perhaps wished that you could visit a museum dedicated to its heritage, you should check out Apple’s homepage today, while all the Mac-centric stuff is still up. You’re bound to learn something about the 30 year old desktop that you didn’t know.

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