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malwarebytes anti malware premium to offer long term windows xp support hd

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium to offer long-term Windows XP support

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium will help you combat viruses and other attacks once support for Windows XP concludes on April 8.
cyberpower attempts to cater alt coin miners by making pcs for them mega miner

CyberPower attempts to cater to altcoin miners by making PCs for them

Have you ever wished there was a PC company that made rigs made for mining Bitcoins? CyberPower might have what you're looking for.
firefox sync now available testing release 29 beta

Mozilla is testing out a revamped look, syncing, and more with the Firefox 29 beta

Mozilla is toying with a new look, feature set and layout with its newly released beta of Firefox 29.
microsoft reveals directx 12 at gdc promises to makes graphics processing more efficient nvidia geforce gtx titan black 3qtr

Microsoft reveals DirectX 12 at GDC, promises to make graphics processing more efficient

DirectX 12 is coming, but won't hit the market until late 2015.
target credit card theft warnings ignored exterior

Target ignored warnings before hackers stole 70 million credit cards, says new report

Target reportedly could've done more to prevent last year's big data breach from happening.
The R9 290X.

Did AMD just tease a dual-GPU graphics card?

Hopefully this is just some clever PR campaign designed as a teaser for AMD's rumored dual-GPU graphics card.
direct visitors sites active engaged according pew research center study istock web internet

Facebook users among the least loyal Web visitors, Pew study finds

A Pew study finds that people who visit websites directly are more active and engaged on those sites.
nvidia reveals new geforce gtx 800m series graphics chips gtx880m 3qtr

Nvidia throws down the gauntlet with new GeForce GTX 800M-series GPUs

Nvidia just took the wraps of a new series of mobile GPUs, dubbed the 800M series.
msi announces nvidia 880m equipped gt dominator ge apache notebooks now capture

MSI’s GT Dominator, GE Apache notebooks are armed with brand new Nvidia GPUs

MSI just announced a pair of new notebooks equipped with Nvidia's brand new lineup of mobile GPUs.
apple updating magic mouse and wireless keyboard could be coming soon

The buttonless Apple mouse was an accident

Sometimes things come about accidentally. Put the button-less Apple mouse in that column as well.
ibm watson internet of things investment headquarters munich

SXSW 2014: IBM’s Watson stars in the kitchen as well as TV’s Jeopardy

Is there anything that Watson can't do?
how to track nfl free agent news rumors online cd02giants3

How to track NFL free agent news and rumors online

Keep up with all the NFL free agent news and rumors with this guide.
microsoft details final windows xp office 2003 security updates hd wallpapers 2013 1

Reader poll: Will you upgrade from Windows XP when Microsoft stops supporting it?

Windows XP users: whatcha gonna do, when the malware-maniacs run wild over you!?!
washington post hacked chinese origin suspected hacker

McAfee Labs Q4 2013 Threats Report suggests malware is on the rise

Surprise surprise: McAfee's latest threat assessment reveals that instances of malware have been on the rise.
malwarebytes anti malware premium to offer long term windows xp support hd

Microsoft to release a new batch of ‘critical’ Windows XP security updates tomorrow

Microsoft will be delivering a fresh batch of security updates for the aging operating system tomorrow.
sony and panasonic are teaming up to make 300gb 500gb 1tb optical storage discs disc

Sony, Panasonic making 300GB, 500GB, 1TB optical discs

And you thought current Blu-rays held a lot of data.
Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 Update 1 leaked by Microsoft, but download methods no longer work

Some intrepid soul(s) figured out how to grab the download early, but those methods no longer work.
how to boot back into os x from windows camp mavericks mac logo

New OS X Mavericks update said to provide ‘pixel doubling’ for 4K Retina display support

It looks like the next Mavericks update will allegedly bring 4K Retina support along with it. Learn more here.

Charter announces Showtime Anytime access for PC, Mac, mobile devices and more

If you're a Charter customer as well as a Showtime devotee, there's good news for you today.
Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 Update 1 released to manufacturers, will lower hardware spec requirements

Here's another potential sign that Windows 8.1 Update 1 will soon hit the public.
george costanza pc market lot talk gateway dx4885 ub3a press image

George Costanza and the PC market would have a lot to talk about

IDC has some news regarding the embattled PC market, and it ain't pretty.
washington post hacked chinese origin suspected hacker

Russian and Ukrainian cyber forces reportedly staring each other down

Hackers on either side of this crisis have their guns loaded.
cerberus launches indiegogo campaign for 500 small form factor pc

It’s not a router! Cerberus reveals $600 small form factor PC on Indiegogo

The MPC1 from Cerberus looks like an industrial-made router, but is actually a mini PC. Check it out now on its Indiegogo campaign.
can skype outlook account regardless youre located now

You can Skype from your Outlook account regardless of where you’re located now

Now you can Skype from your Outlook account no matter where you are.
amd reveals low cost kabini based am1 platform a1

AMD reveals low-cost Kabini-based AM1 platform, starts at $60, out April 9th

Looking to build systems for dirt cheap? Soon you'll be able to snag AMD AM1 processors for way under a single Benjamin.
western digital announces dual bay cloud ex2 nas starting 200 wd mycloud

Western Digital announces dual-bay My Cloud EX2 NAS starting at $200

microsoft denies reports about continued windows xp support for chinese users win hd

Microsoft denies reports of continued Windows XP support in China

Microsoft is denying that it will continue to support Windows XP in China past April 8.
amd reveals 279 radeon r9 280 graphics card week

AMD reveals $279 Radeon R9 280 graphics card, out this week

AMD just took the wraps off a new addition to its R9 line of graphics cards.
netflix lays out argument against comcast twc merger netflixbuilding

Indian hackers pose as Netflix Tech Support, aim to steal files, identity

Beware of what this wily Netflix subscriber was smart enough to avoid getting caught up in.
samsung reveals 11 6 inch 13 3 chromebook 2 series notebooks 320 chromebook2 003 l perspative jet black hr

Samsung reveals 11.6-inch, 13.3-inch Chromebook 2 Series notebooks from $320

Samsung just took the wraps off some new Chromebooks.
Windows 8.1

Windows XP and 8.1 desktop OS share rises, while Windows 7’s falls very slightly

Windows 8.1 gets a bit more popular, but so does Windows XP. Microsoft must be going "D'oh!"
malwarebytes anti malware premium to offer long term windows xp support hd

Fear the upgrade? Microsoft’s free Windows XP migration tool aims to make the move easy

If you're still on XP and decide to budge at some point, this free tool could make the transition easier.
microsoft details final windows xp office 2003 security updates hd wallpapers 2013 1

Microsoft to berate Windows XP users about end of support date with popups

Redmond plans to notify XP users about the April 8 end of support date using a tried and true method.
acer reveals 27 inch 2560x1440 display 450 available now k272hul straight on

Acer reveals 27-inch 2560×1440 display for $450, available now

Acer just announced a sub-$500 27-inch high resolution display, which could be a great fit for buyers on a budget.