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Indian hackers pose as Netflix Tech Support, aim to steal files, identity

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Malwarebytes, an Internet security firm and developer of anti-malware software, told a story about an attempt on the part of some hackers based in India to pose as Netflix tech support in an effort to steal the poster’s data and identity. Malwarebytes detailed the incident via an official blog post.

Jerome Segura of Malwarebytes outlined the phishing scam in his post, which directed him to call a number displayed on an official-looking Netflix page, indicating that his account was suspended. Once the call was placed, a fake Netflix tech support rep directed him to install some remote login software on his PC that would allow the hackers that the fake Netflix rep was in cahoots with to take control of Segura’s system. 

Soon after installing the software, the hackers began going through Segura’s My Documents and Pictures folders, as well as files with enticing words in the names like “banking”. They even asked for visual proof of his credit card and ID to “verify his identity.” Though Segura said that he couldn’t provide photos of them, the hackers tried to help him along by remotely turning his webcam on and asking him to hold his ID and credit card up to the lens. 

While Segura was in completely control of the situation and knew when to disengage, the average person might not be as discerning. If you come across any pages that make claims about your account and implore you to call an official-looking Netflix number, a simple Google search for “Netflix contact” will tell you whether the number you’re looking at is bogus or not.

For the record, Netflix’s official customer service line is 1-866-579-7172.

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