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A depiction of a hacker behind a screen of code.

Pew: 7 percent more people report having personal data stolen online since mid-2013

More people report thefts of crucial personal data since July of last year, according to a Pew Research Center study.
1500 toshibas 4k laptop satellite p55t affordable launches next week toshiba

At $1,500, Toshiba’s 4K laptop is affordable, and launches next week

Toshiba just took the wraps of a new 4K laptop, which will be launching next week.
mozilla ceo open letter windows 10 browser defaults chris beard

Mozilla names marketing exec Chris Beard as interim CEO after Brendan Eich resignation

Mozilla has a new interim CEO. Chris Beard, the firm's head of marketing, will assume the post after Brendan Eich's recent resignation.
openssl foundation president asks financial support wake heartbleed bleeding heart 2

OpenSSL Foundation president asks for more financial support in the wake of Heartbleed

The head of the organization that handles the money used to support OpenSSL has asked for additional funds to help the team that works on the software.
scan websites heartbleed google chrome browser extension bug 2

Scan websites for Heartbleed with this Google Chrome browser extension

Protect yourself from the Heartbleed OpenSSL with Chromebleed, a Google Chrome browser extension.
cisco to cut 6000 jobs as it battles slow sales in emerging markets

Which Cisco routers, modems and networking gear are affected by and safe from the Heartbleed bug?

Some Cisco gear is vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug, some isn't, and some are still being investigated by the company.
nsa phone metadata collection watchdog hack

Did the NSA exploit the Heartbleed bug for years?

A Bloomberg report states that the National Security Agency was fully aware of the Heartbleed bug, and used the flaw for its own purposes.
two apple airport base stations were vulnerable to heartbleed but have been patched bug

How the Heartbleed bug works, as explained by a Web comic

This web comic explains how the now-infamous Heartbleed bug works.
heres a list of websites allegedly affected by the heartbleed bug bleeding heart

Here’s a list of websites allegedly affected by the Heartbleed bug (updated)

Here's a list of websites that are allegedly tainted by the Heartbleed Bug.
netcraft heartbleed browser extension google chrome opera firefox 34

People should ‘Stop all transactions for a few days,’ due to Heartbleed, security exec says

An executive at a network security firm has a chilling warning for all Internet-based consumers.
how to update ubuntu plug heartbleed openssl flaw

How to update Ubuntu to plug the Heartbleed OpenSSL flaw

If you're running Ubuntu, this guide will tell you how to check if it's vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug and, if so, how to update it and secure it.
cupid the new heartbleed attack method that affects android devices bug

How to check if your favorite websites are vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug

Qualys, a Web security firm, has developed a tool that allows you to check if your favorite websites are affected by the Heartbleed Bug.
two apple airport base stations were vulnerable to heartbleed but have been patched bug

Heartbleed bug affects ‘almost everyone,’ expert warns

Here's what some Web security and cloud experts are saying about the Heartbleed Web bug.
heartbleed web bug potentially exposes untold amounts of private data heart bleed

What is the Heartbleed OpenSSL Bug, and how can you protect your PC?

Though the Heartbleed Bug is newly discovered, the vulnerability in the OpenSSL security protocol has been around for a while.
windows 8 1 update now live available download via

Windows 8.1 Update 1 is now live and available for download via Windows Update

The first major update for Windows 8.1 is live right now. Head over to Windows Update to grab it!
upgrademyxp com offers migrate windows xp pc data 7 wallpaper offers to migrate your Windows XP PC and its data to Windows 7

This outfit offers to take your Windows XP rig, along with all the files and programs, and put it on a fresh Windows 7 installation.
seagate releases a 6tb enterprise hard drive while taking shot at western digital feature

Seagate releases a 6TB enterprise hard drive, while taking a shot at Western Digital

Seagate just took the wraps off a 6TB enterprise hard drive, while taking a potshot at rival storage maker Western Digital in the process.
samsung 11 6 inch 13 3 chromebook 2 series notebooks now available pre order

Samsung 11.6-inch, 13.3-inch Chromebook 2 notebooks now available for pre-order

Samsung just announced that their newest Chromebooks are available for pre-order right now.
windows xp still os for business eastern europe laptop

Dutch gov’t pays millions for extended Windows XP support

Many public and private entities are still using computers running Windows XP. The Dutch government is one of them.
brave browser no ads tracking mozilla ceo brendan eich

Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich resigns amid controversy surrounding his anti-gay past

Mozilla announced on its official blog that CEO Brendan Eich has resigned from his post following an uproar spurred by his past anti-gay leanings.
windows 8 1 update news win

Microsoft talks Windows 8.1 Update 1 features, April 8 release, teases future Start menu

Microsoft revealed some details about Windows 8.1 Update 1 at Build 2014, including its release date.
A depiction of a hacker behind a screen of code.

Ransomware app leaves de-cryption key on victim’s PC

CryptoDefense is a piece of ransomware that leaves the victim with a way to break free of it, but doing so isn't easy.
google discloses another windows security bug fix out soon 8 1 review

Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 desktop OS shares rise, XP takes a dip, but is still going strong

Windows 8.1 got more popular last month, but so did Windows 7. On top of that, XP took a dip, but is still very widely used. Learn more here.
pirate bay announces fake april fools device designed embrace entire mind wallpapermania ship sailing in the moonlight 2560x1

Pirate Bay announces fake April Fools’ device designed to ’embrace your entire mind’

The Pirate Bay is making a device that allows you to upload the entirety of the site's data into your brain, even though it's not April 1 yet.
chinese site sports a page for fake super thin mac air desktop mini

Chinese site sports a fake, wafer-thin Mac Air desktop

A Chinese tech site currently has a page up for a fake, coaster-like Mac Air desktop.
malwarebytes anti malware premium to offer long term windows xp support hd

More people prefer to stay with Windows XP once support ends, poll says

With Windows XP's end of support date looming, more people indicated on our poll that they would rather stick with XP once support ends.
samsung unwraps five new displays including an affordable 28 inch 4k screen monitor feature

Samsung unwraps five new displays, including an affordable 28-inch 4K screen

Samsung just unveiled a bunch of new monitors, ranging from a 4K screen to 1080p displays.
nvidia just announced graphics card costs mac pro titanzholduse

For $3,000, you can get a Mac Pro, or Nvidia’s new dual-GPU graphics card

Nvidia just announced a graphics card that probably costs more than your current computer. At $3,000, the Titan Z is powered by two GPUs and 5,760 cores.
msis latest gaming notebooks powered new nvidia gpus just hit market msi 3

MSI’s latest gaming notebooks are powered by new Nvidia GPUs, and just hit the market

MSI just took the wraps off a pair of brand new gaming notebooks outfitted with the latest GPUs from Nvidia.
washington post hacked chinese origin suspected hacker

This can prevent hackers from taking control of your PC using Microsoft Word

A Microsoft Word vulnerability was just discovered, but Redmond has released a quick fix for it.
microsoft reportedly will rename windows azure

Microsoft expected to rename Windows Azure as ‘Microsoft Azure’

The rebranding effort will be announced at Microsoft's Build conference, which will begin next week.
google rolling now cards desktop version chrome

Google is rolling out Google Now Cards for the desktop version of Chrome

Google Now notification cards are coming to the desktop version of the Chrome browser.
batterybox promises double macbook airs battery life pics2

The BatteryBox promises to double your MacBook Air’s battery life

However, there may be more to this juice box than meets the eye.
small pc computers ibrick cpu haswell upgrade ph88612 b

Small PC Computers bumps up the CPU in the durable iBrick with Haswell chips

This rugged small form factor PC can now be outfitted with Haswell processors.