Chinese site sports a fake, wafer-thin Mac Air desktop

chinese site sports a page for fake super thin mac air desktop apple

Tomorrow is April Fool’s Day, and that will come with a bombardment of hijinks and practical jokes from all over the tech world. That can range from fake leaked images of strange-looking gear to phony announcements of non-existent products.

However, while the calender has yet to flip to April 1 here in the states, in China it has been April Fools’ Day for a couple of hours now, and it appears as if Chinese website AppleUser has already gotten in on the fun.

The site’s homepage currently includes an article about a slab-like, ultra thin Mac Air desktop, pictured above. Of course, we all know about Apple’s ongoing quest to make super thin and portable computing gear, including the MacBook Air and iPad Air. With the Mac Air piece, AppleUser is cleverly attempting to apply an existing concept (Air-like devices) to a product line that already exists (Mac desktops).

This approach to April Fools’ Day humor, as opposed to coming up with something completely outlandish like an iSubmarine, will likely fool some into thinking that the Mac Air is real and on the way.

As if the image of the wafer-thing Mac Air wasn’t enough, the fact that it’s on top of what appears to be an authentic-looking Asian Apple page could also fool readers into thinking that Cupertino is about to announce a Frisbee-esque Mac desktop.

Feel free to file this one under the “strange-looking gear” category.

What do you think? What’s the strangest tech prank you’ve ever seen on April Fool’s Day? Sound off in the comments below.