Small PC Computers bumps up the CPU in the durable iBrick with Haswell chips

small pc computers ibrick cpu haswell upgrade ph88612 b

Most PCs are fragile and require a pampered lifestyle to ensure a long lifespan. Others are made to not just survive, but thrive while taking a licking.

Small PC Computers makes the latter — rugged PC rigs — and the company just announced that the aptly named iBrick system can now be outfitted with Intel Haswell CPUs.

The iBrick looks like a cross between a commercial airliner’s black box, a fireproof safe, and a prop from Blade Runner. It ships standards with a Haswell-based Celeron, Intel Core i3, or Intel Core i5 processor, a 64GB SSD, up to 16GB of RAM, an HDMI-out and a minimum of two USB 3.0 ports, which can be bumped up to three. You can also opt to configure your iBrick with two HDMI connectors. Interestingly, Small PC Computers loads the iBrick with Windows 7, as opposed to Windows 8.

However, there’s a reason why the iBrick looks like a spare part from an Apache attack helicopter. Measuring 8 x 5 x 2.7 inches, Small PC Computers’ iBrick is cooled by a chassis wearing an array heatpipes and is therefore fanless, allowing it to operate silently. Small PC Computers also states that the cables and connectors on the iBrick are waterproof, ensuring that it won’t conk out if it’s exposed to any harsh weather conditions.

Based out of Clearwater, Florida, Small PC Computers makes PCs built to withstand extreme weather and working conditions, including the iBrick, which was made for the oil and gas, military, transportation, public safety, utility and industrial automation industries. All of these fields require their workers to get down and dirty at one point or another, and need PCs to keep up with the stresses of these environments.

Though Small PC Computers is late to the Haswell game, it’s better to upgrade late than never. Nevertheless, you’ll pay quite a bit for the tank-like iBrick, as the system carries a starting price tag of $1,495.

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