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I fell in love with this adorable mini gaming PC

Tech of the Week LogoA new mini gaming PC designed to look like a classic Mac is launching soon, and it could be seriously impressive. Ayaneo revealed the AM01 mini PC and it’s among the first mini PCs the company has ever released.

Ayaneo is mostly known for making handheld gaming PCs like the Ayaneo 2S, but it’s introducing two mini PCs as part of its new Remake concept. The series is meant to “interpret retro, reshape classic,” according to the company, which furnished its portable gaming devices with the powdery whites and grays of classic electronics.

AYANEO Retro Mini PC AM01 - Interpret Retro, Reshape Classic

The AM01 looks like it takes design inspiration specifically from a classic Mac like the Apple II. It’s off-white with a rainbow badge on top that sits alongside a gray power button. Ayaneo hasn’t shared many details yet, but it looks as if the mini PC includes five USB ports, with four on the back and one on the front, along with an HDMI port, DisplayPort connection, and Ethernet.

We don’t have any details about the specs for now, but the IndieGoGo page for the AM01 promises “top-notch gaming experiences” and “multiple processor version option.” The page also highlights that the mini PC will be available with Windows 11 or as a bare-bones PC, both of which offer user-expandable storage.

Badges for the Ayaneo AM01.

Ayaneo is no stranger to powerful APUs like the Ryzen 7 7840U, so it’s possible we’ll see an APU in the AM01. It’s possible that Ayaneo could pack a discrete GPU into the mini PC, though an APU seems more likely given the size. Ayaneo says the AM01 is “so portable [it] can be carried in your bag.”

Ayaneo AM02 mini PC.

The PC will launch in mid- to late November at an Ayaneo event, but it seems this is when the campaign on IndieGoGo will launch, not when the final product will ship.

Ayaneo announced several other products at its showcase, including the AM02, which is a mini PC like the AM01 that sports a design reminiscent of the classic NES. In addition, the company introduced the Ayaneo Slide, which is a 7840U handheld with a screen you can slide forward to reveal a keyboard, and the Ayaneo Flip, a clamshell handheld that reveals either a keyboard or a second screen depending on your model. The Slide will launch at the end of November, while the Flip is expected in the next two months.

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