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Tech of the Week

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Tech is constantly evolving but we’re keeping you in the loop by highlighting the best new tech products and innovations taking the world by storm.

Quilt TOTW

Quilt wants to change the way you heat and cool your home

Quilt is a ductless mini-split system that gives you impressive control over your heating and cooling needs, while also helping reduce your energy bills.
Tech of the Week Electreon

Here’s how EVs charge as they drive on a stretch of Michigan road

Michigan is testing a wireless system that allows EVs to charge as they drive down a Detroit street.
Tech of the Week Logitech A50 X

Logitech’s A50 X is a gaming headset and HDMI switcher in one

Logitech put a multi-console HDMI switcher inside of an impressive gaming headset, but it isn't cheap.
Tech of the Week HTC Vive Tracker

HTC just fixed a major shortcoming of standalone VR headsets

HTC Vive announced new full-body trackers to animate your VRChat avatar and help sports trainers and game developers track movement.
Tech of the Week Ayaneo

I fell in love with this adorable mini gaming PC

Ayaneo revealed a range of new products inspired by retro designs, with the headliner being an adorable mini PC that looks like a Mac.
Tech of the Week JLabs

JLab jumps into hi-res and Bluetooth LE audio with $200 Epic Lab Edition earbuds

JLab's latest wireless earbuds promise its best audio quality yet, with hi-res support and compatibility with Bluetooth LE Audio.