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How to track NFL free agent news and rumors online

how to track nfl free agent news rumors online cd02giants3

The start to the 2014 NFL free agency signing period is nearly upon us, and though we’re mostly tech geeks here at DT, some of us absolutely nerd out for football too. That includes news and rumors pertaining to free agency, as well as the games themselves. Though we may be up to speed on what the best sites are to keep track of all the news and buzz surrounding NFL free agent news, we realize that some of you out there may not know exactly where to go to keep abreast of the latest juiciness.

Once you read through this quick guide though, you’ll know exactly which sites to bookmark. That way, you’ll learn and hear about all the latest news and rumors, and your friends may even begin to wonder whether you have a relative working for the NFL feeding you info. For the record, the 2014 NFL free agent signing period begins tomorrow, March 11 at 4 p.m. ET.

1. Jay Glazer/

Jay Glazer covers the NFL for FOX and, and has been part of’s pre-game broadcasts for years now. The man simply is a premier go-to source for insider NFL information, and often breaks news about player injuries prior to games. He’ll do the same thing once free agency opens for business tomorrow.’s free agency news feed is where you’ll find his full reports, but if you want Jay Glazer directly, you can check out his Twitter feed here.


It may seem weird, but the league has its own news service along with a staff of its own reporters. News often breaks on the NFL’s official homepage, though you may be able to get it even quicker if you keep track of the official Twitter account of Albert Breer, who is the NFL Network’s National Reporter.

3. has its own staff of crack reporters and of course, the CBS network is the broadcast home of the league’s AFC games (with Fox on the NFC side), so going with reporters/news sources affiliated with CBS certainly is a good way to go. If you want to keep track of one of’s individual reporters, we recommend Jason La Canfora, who is the site’s designated NFL Insider.


Ahh yes, the Worldwide Leader. What would this list be without an entry including the dominant, super popular 24/7 sports news network. ESPN’s NFL Twitter account is plugged into an obscene amount of news sources, so if anything breaks, this will be one of the first places you’ll see it. In fact, if you can’t deal with tracking multiple sites or pages at once, we’d nominate this entry as the sole page you should have open, if we had to pick one.

5. Sports Illustrated is another titan when it comes to breaking sports news, regardless of what league you’re talking about, including the NFL. SI has multiple elite NFL writers, including Peter King whose official Twitter account is well worth following. Of course, you can just keep your monitor tuned to SI’s NFL page, which is bound to feature breaking NFL free agent news throughout the signing period.

The Raiders have reposted the official NFL Free Agent Q&A Page, in case you have some questions about the process. For instance, the page explains the difference between Restricted and Unrestricted free agents; very helpful stuff.

Because we’re technically still in the midst of the MLB free agency signing period, in case you’re an MLB fan as well, you can check out our guide on how to track MLB free agency news here.

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