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surface pro 3 discount front

Surface Pro 3 vs Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro: Specs, features, and prices compared

Here, we pit the Surface Pro 2 and the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro against one another.
rumored microsoft surface pro 3 prices are way too high to compete surfacearrivesinseat print

A $2,000 Surface Pro 3? What is Microsoft thinking? (updated)

People want cheap computing devices that are built well, and just plain work. New rumors suggest that the Surface Pro 3 won't fall into that first category.
watch official live stream microsofts surface event nyc pro 3 mini 15

Watch the official live stream of Microsoft’s Surface event in NYC here

You can watch a live stream of Microsoft's Surface event right here.
windows 8 gets banned from use on chinese government computers

Chinese government bans the use of Windows 8 on its PCs

As if Windows 8 and 8.1 didn't have enough problems related to low market-share already.
apple auctioning signs old school colorful logo 10k sign

Apple signs with old school, colorful logo will be auctioned off, starting at $10K each

Got thousands of bucks lying around? You could own a piece of computing history.
intel ceo broadwell cpus will launch around the 2014 holiday season release date core i7

Intel Broadwell CPUs will launch towards the end of the year, firm’s CEO says

Intel's Broadwell CPUs are slated to hit the market right before the calender flips to 2015, the chip-maker's CEO says.
amds upcoming tonga gpu may target nvidias geforce 750 ti amd thumb

AMD’s upcoming Tonga GPU stresses power efficiency, may target Nvidia’s GeForce 750 Ti

AMD is said to be targeting better power efficiency with its upcoming Tonga GPU.
amds supply chain woes may be ending as many cards have fallen to their launch prices radeon r9 290x 295x sapphire amd

AMD supply issues may be ending, as R9 graphics card prices are falling to original rates

They've fallen for now, and hopefully they won't get up again.
aoc reveals 24 inch 1080p ips monitor with two 7w onkyospeakers built in

This 24-inch 1080p IPS display packs a pair of speakers that may be better than you’d expect

AOC's newest monitor may keep you from having to buy a dedicated set of speakers for your PC.
thermaltake show limited edition version level 10 case next month titanium featured

Thermaltake to show off drool-worthy limited edition Level 10 case next month

The Thermaltake Level 10 is getting refreshed again, but this time it'll be made entirely out of titanium. Only 500 will ever be made.
adblock plus legal to use german court 2

Firefox feeling sluggish? AdBlock Plus may be slowing it, and your computer, to a crawl

You may think AdBlock Plus is speeding up your Firefox Web browsing experience while blocking annoying ads, but it may actually be doing the exact opposite.
nvidia titan z delays continue unclear when it will be released gpu graphics card

Delays pile up on Nvidia’s $3,000 Titan Z while AMD tightens the screws with a competitor

There's no telling when, or if, Nvidia's powerhouse card will hit the market.
george rr martin game of thrones author writes on dos pc conan

Did you know? George RR Martin writes Game of Thrones on an ancient DOS PC

Some people just can't be bothered to change their ways and keep up with the times.
immigration joins digital age white house

Click to vote: Politicians push for online ballots in time for 2016 elections

Some US politicians are pushing for Internet voting to be in place as soon as 2016.
microsoft rolling upgrades web based outlook online

Microsoft is rolling out some upgrades for

Over the next few weeks, will be receiving some new features.
seagate reveals 180 samsung wireless 1 5tb external hard drive

Seagate’s newest external hard drive has Wi-Fi and a battery built in

Seagate's latest external hard drive has both Wi-Fi and a battery built in, but is it worth paying extra for these features?
vesa aims exterminate tearing stuttering displayport adaptive sync

VESA aims to exterminate tearing and stuttering with DisplayPort Adaptive-Sync

VESA takes aim at graphical tearing and stuttering with Adaptive-Sync, which could arrive in PC hardware as soon as this fall.
dart laptop charger lot smaller whatever notebook came

The Dart laptop charger is a lot smaller than whatever your notebook came with

The Dart is a crowd-funded laptop charger that's likely much smaller than whatever your notebook is rocking.
android based archos netbook dirt cheap ships next month arcbook

This Android-based Archos netbook is dirt cheap, and ships next month

Archos just took the wraps off a super-cheap Android-based notebook, which will be available starting next month.
windows xp 7 vulnerable malware microsoft report states end of support 2014

Windows XP and Windows 7 more vulnerable to malware, Microsoft report claims (updated)

A security report from Microsoft claims that the company's newer operating systems are more secure from malware than their older counterparts.
windows 8 1 update deadline patch downloads extended 30 days

Windows 8.1 Update 1 deadline for patch downloads extended by 30 days

Windows 8.1 users who haven't installed Update 1 can still get security updates, for now at least.
firefox exec browser wont mess logos firm will experiment directory tiles hd

Firefox exec: Browser won’t be a ‘mess of logos,’ but firm will ‘experiment’

It appears as if Mozilla will tweak Directory Tiles, and make something more user friendly. Sponsorships could still come later on though.
lsu to begin punishing fining students who pirate stuff piracy bay the

Swedish anti-piracy law resulted in boost of music sales, drop in Internet traffic

However, after a while, the effects of the law began to taper off after a while.
Lenovo Yoga 13 review screen angle 3

The end of Windows XP support breathes a little more life into the PC market

As people move away from Microsoft's unsupported Windows XP, at least some of them tend to buy new PCs.
google area 21 hq

Google flags torrent site Demonoid for spreading malware

Google deals a big blow to Demonoid, one of the most popular torrent sites on the Web, by labeling it as a dangerous site.
Samsung Chromebook2Serie WhiteBack

Google is ‘thinking’ about adding remote recovery features to Chrome OS

At some point, Chrome OS devices could be remotely locked, wiped and located.
Samsung Chromebook2Series Black

Google works to make Chrome OS more offline-friendly, scoop up Windows XP refugees

Though Chromebooks are known for losing some functionality if they're not connected to the Internet, Google is working to change that.
watch 2014 nfl draft online

How to watch the 2014 NFL Draft online

Here's how you can keep track of every single pick in this year's NFL Draft online.
chrome canarys anti phishing beta feature fails to work as intended google

Chrome Canary’s anti-phishing beta feature fails its flight test, security company says

The beta version of a tool that's designed to protect people from phishing attacks doesn't quite work the way that it's supposed to.
lsu to begin punishing fining students who pirate stuff piracy bay the

Australian govt. will think about blocking sites like Pirate Bay at the ISP level

The nation that brought us AC/DC and Crocodile Dundee may think about blocking torrent sites like The Pirate Bay this week.
macbook air 2013 review lid open angle 2 1500x991

Mid-2014 MacBook Air hard drives run slower than last year’s models, benchmarks show

According to some new benchmark results, the hard drives in the new MacBook Air are slower than the disks in the 2013 versions of Apple's notebook.
sonys new storage tapes hold 185 tb data sony headquarters

Sony’s new storage tapes hold 185 TB of data; Same as thousands of Blu-rays combined

Sony just developed a brand new version of storage tape that holds an incredible amount of data.
prototype microsoft keyboard also reads hand gestures

This prototype Microsoft keyboard also reads hand gestures

This prototype keyboard from MIcrosoft has sensors built in that allow it to detect hand gestures.
Windows 8.1

Microsoft tweaks Bing Smart Search in Win 8.1 to help it understand natural language better

Microsoft hopes to make Windows 8.1 easier to use with some changes its adding to Bing Smart Search.