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Thermaltake to show off drool-worthy limited edition Level 10 case next month

thermaltake show limited edition version level 10 case next month titanium

There are flashy PC cases, and then there’s this.

Thermaltake, which is known for making high-end desktop PC components, will be refreshing its Level 10 case by introducing a limited edition model dubbed the Level 10 Titanium. In case you’re wondering, the new Level 10 is indeed made of the super-strong metal, though that’s certainly atypical, considering that most of the computer cages you’ll come across are constructed of a much lesser grade metal, and/or plastic.

“As a premium yet rare material, Titanium not only expresses the quality of durability, light weight, dent- and corrosion resistance, it is also the prefect representation of being able to deliver the passion for visual aesthetics that derived from demanding immersive game play and multimedia entertainment enthusiasm,” Thermaltake says in a press release.

The Thermaltake Level 10 Titanium features a set of six EasySwap hard drive bays that make upgrades in this area a cinch. Its open-air design could also provide a significant boost when it comes to cooling. Port selection will consist of four USB 3.0 connections, and the case will be able to accommodate micro-ATX, as well as standard ATX motherboards. This Level 10 is based on the award-winning design Thermaltake created in collaboration with BMW Designworks since 2009.

Though the Level 10 Titanium is certainly an eye-catcher, we can’t help but be somewhat reminded of Razer’s Project Christine concept PC case, which the company showed off at CES 2014 a few months back. However, Project Christine ditches the ATX form factor, and introduces “pods,” which are designed to hold your PC’s components. The pods also require special adapters to function. While ambitious, it’s unclear if and when Project Christine will ever hit the market. Despite being unique, the Thermaltake Level 10 Titanium doesn’t attempt to reinvent the wheel entirely, like Razer’s opus does, which is why it’ll be available in the next few months.

However, you’ll have to act fast to get a Level 10 Titanium once it hits. Thermaltake is planning on making only 500 units, and it’s unclear how much they’ll cost at this point. You can pre-order a Level 10 Titanium starting this July, and they’ll begin shipping in September.

To see how the Level 10 is constructed, check out the video (below) Thermaltake made for a previous limited edition version.

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(Image via VR-Zone)

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