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Seagate’s newest external hard drive has Wi-Fi and a battery built in

seagate reveals 180 samsung wireless 1 5tb external hard drive
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On the hunt for an external hard drive that can do more than store your stuff? Seagate just announced something that might be right up your alley.

The storage maker’s newest external hard drive, dubbed the Samsung Wireless, features 1.5TB of storage, wears what appears to be a grayish, brushed-metal finish, and will look right at home whether you decide to park it on the desk in your office, or anywhere around your pad. However, when it comes to the Samsung Wireless’ features, there are two big highlights. (Seagate bought Samsung’s HDD business back in 2011, in case you’re confused about the product naming here.)

As its name implies, the Seagate Samsung Wireless drive has Wi-Fi connectivity built in, allowing you to connect it to up to five devices simultaneously. Connecting to the drive via Wi-Fi allows you to stream content via the drive and through your PC, Mac or Android device (iOS compatibility is unavailable). It’s also DNLA-compliant, making it compatible with TVs and video game consoles that are also DNLA-friendly.

On top of that, the drive also has a built-in battery, which you can charge via its USB 3.0 port, and you can use the port to charge your mobile gear as well. Seagate claims that the battery’s endurance maxes out at seven hours, so we can only imagine what real-world life would be if connected to multiple devices for extended periods of time.

You can snag a Seagate Samsung Wireless drive right now for $179

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